Spot the difference

After catch up with the Clayton Cosgrove donations scandal that unfolded over the weekend, I checked the my archives to see what Labour Leader David Shearer had said about real or perceived conflicts of interest in the Nick Smith case.

Smith wrote a reference for an “old friend” and resigned.

Cosgrove wrote a LAW that would benefit an old friend and significant donor, then pushed strongly to get it through.  Cosgrove is on Shearer’s front bench and defending his actions.

Shearer’s been a strident critic of supposed conflicts of interest.  It’s time for him to demonstrate some consistent leadership for a change.


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  • Macca

    Smith (I believe wrongly), immediately stepped up to the plate and fell on his sword.

    Can’t see that happening anytime soon from any of the hypocritical troughers from the left!  No top news mention of this either by the left leaning MSM – surprise surprise!

  • Phar Lap

    At last Clayton Cosgrove the MP, we get when we dont get an MP.,has been exposed as a hypocrite in all things.He was caught spending huge amounts of taxpayer funds on food, clothing and taxi rides.Imagine $6300 on seven meals,$1600 on a suit, and $700 on a taxi ride.He got involved in the Real Estate Industry over the nefarious activities of a salesperson.The whole industry has been turned upside down.Same thing should happen to wayward MPs caught taking money,which does not pass the” SNIFF” test.Cosgrove known as “butt head “has been hoist by his own petard.Time for the magnifying glass to be run over Cosgrove.I noticed in the last election he was dumped from his electorate  seat  .Seems he couldnt fool the voters in his electorate.Now why should he be able to fool us all with his” free money” excuse.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Well … errr … ahhh …ummm …. well, you see, its different ahhh …. errr, ummm, when Labour does it.

    • Pukakidon

       Its now getting very embarrassing in that he is representative of our parliament.  Before I thought, great this guy is certainly going to run Labour further into the ground,   I now feel nothing but pitty for them.   The only thing he as been competitive at was when he came in third place behind two little kids in a running race.

  • Sir Cullen’s sidekick

    Sheep Shearer and leadership – yeah right

  • Johnbronkhorst

    More corruption and lies from labour…NO…you don’t say?…..So helen is still in charge? Wondered why shearer always looks like he has someones hand up his arse……..helens little hand puppet???

  • Guest

    i must be getting old – having a crack at Shearer is losing its novelty – the guy is simply utterly clueless!

    i’m not even sure about the “but he’s a nice guy” line any more – if a mate came to a bbq and umm-ed and ahhh-ed his way through the night, i dont reckon i’d invite him to the next!!

    • parorchestia

      I agree. But with respect to CC,  I think he didn’t even consider the rights or wrongs of his “palislation”, but, as we watchers of Parliamentary proceedings know only too well, he always finds a high horse to get on when it comes to perceived indiscretions by National.  
      And the Speaker must find him tiresome. I certainly do.

      And now Liebour are declaring war on the Greens.  What fun.

      • Blokeintakapuna

        Labour need to declare war on the Greens. Come election 2014, Labour will be the bridesmaid to the Greens and will need to beg the Greens to go into coalition with them instead of the Maori & Mana Party.

        Thankfully, all of them combined won’t be able to compete with National…