Stinking up the joint


Patrick Gower (still not calling him Pedro) has been like a dog with a bone chasing the Bill Liu story. It is now starting to get very smelly:

But Mr Jones had a different view. He granted Mr Yan citizenship on humanitarian grounds, believing he would be executed if returned to China.

The documents also detail a raid on Mr Yan’s apartment in the Metropolis tower. They show there was plenty of interest in taking part – not just from immigration – but also the Police’s Asian Crime Squad, Internal Affairs, Customs, the Serious Fraud Office, Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Fisheries.

Authorities were also informed by Internal Affairs that Mr Yan “is spending literally millions of dollars at the casino and associating with known criminals.”

So officials here and in China were working on having Mr Yan extradited. Then, at complete cross-purposes, Mr Jones’ decision meant Mr Yan got citizenship here in a special ceremony at Parliament. That decision is now under investigation by the Auditor-General – and Mr Jones declined to comment today.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    This story STINKS to high heaven.

    Interesting to see when charges will be laid against Mr Jones and maybe other members

    • le sphincter

      No charges  are possible against Jones.  

      • Bunswalla

        Merde de cheval

      • Roger

        Corruption is still on the New Zealand statutes puckered one. Check the Crimes Act 1961. ss66 would be a good start. Try also ss102, ss103

  • maninblack

    why arnt you calling him petro?
    Poor old patrick really doesnt have a mug for television. Only his mother could love him

    • AnonWgtn

      I hear that Paddy has bought expensive new clothes (like the Emperor) on his promotion.
      Pity he didn’t get his teeth fixed as well, along with his brain.
      Clothes do not make the man – some bits you can never change.
      I’ve even switched to TVNZ news.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    I wonder if Mr. Jones has a case of being “bullied” by the Labour Party to sign off on his citizenship in return for the healthy “donations” the Labour Party received?

    Surely – the authorities responsible for over-seeing that our political processes, sytems and procedures remain free of corruption will be needing to thoroughly investigate the Labour Party over this entire “buy your citizenship” fiasco ….by yet another Labour Party MP….and the Labour Party once again.

    There’s so much dodgy “Related Party” financing and funding going on between Labour, known criminals that associate and the unions, that are still are not meeting minimum legal reporting requirements for “incorporated societies”, surely the SFO and the AG / GG will want to help Labour with their requests for transparency for everyone over everything.

    Labour & the unions funding / financing fiasco’s have the distinct stench of fetid corruption that only a full and transparent investigation by the authorities will be able to clear.

    Brilliant sunlight disinfects like no other – especially when innocent parties welcome full transparency to assist with keeping their reputation in tact.

    SFO & the AG – please assist the Labour Party and the unions with their requirements for full transparency – especially since their financing and funding appears to be from known illegal sources and complicit activities. 

    • le sphincter

      And all those big big donations to National from Chinese who seem have a six month long connection to dairying ?

      • Bunswalla

        Merde de vache