Sucker’s Trap Don’t Fall For It

Red Alert

Grant Robertson is all cock-a-hoop about an endorsement for Labour’s organisational review. I haven’t said anything about it because I really, really, really want them to go ahead with it.

I am amazed at the thoroughness of Labour’s review. Their working party has done a great job. Assuming the recommendations pass at their conference, the Labour Party has the tools to become a formidable machine.

But Grant seems enamoured with Matt McCarten’s endorsement. I’m not so sure he should be. Matt is a cunning bastard…I’m pretty sure he is saying it is great because he knows that in two to three years time these sorts of changes are going to seriously bite Labour on the arse.

Then, if he is still alive, whatever cause he is supporting will be able to cannibalise the wreckage of a party wracked with factionalism, with locked in union affiliates commanding a 20% head start in any leadership battle and the activist base and their loony ideas being foisted on the party with no ability for them to ignore it.

It’s a suckers trap for Labour, don’t fall for it.


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  • Mully

    Well, he is at least partly correct. Labour does, in fact, have the tools.

    • gazzaw

      34 to be precise Mully.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Let them do it Whale, I can’t wait for this party of communists to explode and fragment

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Implode and fester would be much better…

  • nasska

    Since this is going to fair put the skids under the Gay & Academic Liberal factions I wonder how it will play out.  For the last twelve years they have held the upper hand & they may do more than stamp their little feet & pout when they are consigned to the back benches of the Labour Party.

    Will they stay or will they go?

    • PhOOl Hole

      Upper hand? More like a reach around

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    So the gaggle is OK with the unions and commies taking over?  What a clusterfuck of a political party.