Sunday General Debate

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  • Kiwidon

    Am thoroughly p***ed off with the Warriors! Waking up to find they lost once more in similar circumstances to last week’s fiasco!
    One would think recent wins by the Magic & Chiefs would have been an inspiration but oh no!
    Time the coaching staff & many of the seniors were dumped! 

    • Phar Lap

       Agree,they seemed to have run out of steam with ten minutes to go.A real good excuse :Jet Lag.”.Cherry from Manly just seemed to walk through the feeble defence.

  • Pete George

     Is Key losing his gloss as Stuff suggests?

    “The pollsters said many voters rated him a straight-shooter and good or
    excellent leader, but a significant number thought he was arrogant,
    smarmy and out of touch.”

    There were other criticisms that were more of the hater type (like ‘dickhead’, dishonest) who would never vote for him, but if Key does too much “arrogant,
    smarmy and out of touch” he will turn off current support.

    • Phar Lap

       Never saw such a mishmash of all over the show comments on John Key ,our man for all reasons and seasons.The reporter,Tracey Watkins,need we say more.I believe because Fairfax are almost broke,they are making up stories about John Key just to get a few more paper sales.As i said Tracey Watkins,never has had any credibility.

      • AnonWgtn

        Finally just cancelled my SST subscription and told them to keep any balance to help pay some of their massive debts.
        As have been told by the other half should have done it before

    • excuse me

      Come off it, Pete. You know that that poll is absolute rubbish given its respondent numbers, and even worse the way it is reported.

      • Fergus

        Heard they only asked 100 people…please thats not a poll.

      • Pete George

         “The poll surveyed 1000 eligible voters by telephone over four nights from July 19 to July 23 and has a margin of error of 3.1 per cent. Only decided voters are used in the calculation of percentages of party support.”

      • Johnbronkhorst

        with a poll of 100, and a population of 2 000 000..the error is close to 13%…might as well not have bothered.

    • Bunswalla

      So, just so we’re clear, the poll revealed that:

      1. National has enough support to govern for a third term.
      2. Of all the major parties, National has the highest percentage of people that voted for them last time and will vote for them again. every other party has lost more voters – the Greens have lost 27% as a good example.
      3. Key still has the confidence of an overwhelming majority – 63 per cent saying he has a clear vision for the country, and is a strong and effective leader.

      And the lead story on both the website and in the paper asks if Key is losing his touch?

      And Pete George tries to make capital out of this? Hmmm…getting a bit desperate for traffic to your blog Pete?

    • AnonWgtn

      According to the article it is only the female of the species who were interviewed for this diatribe. According to my wife it is probably only one kind of women who were interviewed.

  • Pete George

    Warriors – one capitulation was bad enough, a next week repeat rules them out of contention and deservedly.

    • Travis Poulson

      Manly has already done that to them, it’s over for our Warriors this season I’m afraid, as alot of the sports commentators were saying yesterday if they didn’t win against Manly the season is done and dusted. 

      • gazzaw

        Another case of  the routine start of season statement “It’s our year” gone awry. Maybe next year.

  • Magic, Chiefs.  Two words to describe why the Waikato is the best place to be.
    I only hope the Magic can truly inspire the Chiefs.

    • Travis Poulson

      Sorry to say it doesn’t make it the best place to be, just the best this year at those 2 sports (assuming the Chiefs win). Doesn’t make it any more appealing to me than it was at the start of the netball/rugby season :)

  • Guest
    • Slight problem with Matt the tax dodgers story….Taito Phillip field broke the law, Helen Clark declared him guilty of only being helpful to his constituents and John banks hasn’t broken any law at all.

  • Dumrse

    I find this a more interesting read……..Macsyna King wanting a “community apology”  ….where does she or Dyhrberg get such a notion from.

    • It is the entitlement mentality


      Imagine now how that black slut will use this her advantage – the likes of women’s day etc better not pay her for a story. Reality is whether Kahui killed them or not she was a diliquent P smoking crack whore who opens her legs for any takers – she also let them be killed by that actions and choices she has taken

    • Lion_ess

      Other way around – 6 kids and she hasn’t managed to look after 1 of them..  Macsyna King should apologise to the community

  • Pete George

    What was marriage? Nothing there definitively saying marriage = man and woman.

    The word definition seems to be man orientated, not surprising as
    marriage often used to be man owns woman (as part of his property). A
    marriage was a convention used to breed an heir for his property.

    Marriage has changed since then. Language evolution will say the
    definition history is irrelevant. “Gay” has evolved to a variety of
    modern uses, eg merry, homosexual and lame.

    Marriage may evolve some more. It could be said that Louisa Wall is trying to make marry merry.

    Defining Marriage. 

  • Great comments on Barack Obama-

    “Likable”? Pardon me while I laugh in your silly face. He’s a bully
    and a thug; a conceited, supercilious ignoramus wrongly convinced of his
    own innate superiority; a thin-skinned, whiny bitch whose self-styled
    Chicago “toughness” collapses into blubbering, excuse-making, and
    buck-passing at the first hint of dissent or failure; a vengeful,
    spiteful wretch who seeks not only to defeat but to destroy his
    opposition; a petulant child who expects everything to be given him
    without real effort on his part, merely on the basis of his obvious
    righteousness alone; a man convinced of his own shining genius whose
    intellectual “gifts” are actually very, very modest–to be kinder to him
    than he deserves.

    He’s a sorry excuse for a man; he was a lazy, irresponsible fraud as a
    student; an arrogant, duplicitous goniff as a “professor” and
    “scholar”; an entitled, timid, over-ambitious zero as a Senator; and is
    an unmitigated disaster as a President. Everything else is subterfuge,
    smoke, and mirrors.

  • Lion_ess
    • Travis Poulson

      Saw that. It won’t do anything to ease his guilty conscience, doesn’t redeem him, and doesn’t change the fact he’s a childkiller. he might convince his new family he’s a nice boy that loves kids and wouldn’t hurt a fly, but the scumbag child murderer doesn’t fool anyone else.

  • Pete George

    Some say that marriage should remain as it always was.

    Marriage used to commonly be a contract of a man taking ownership of a woman.
    Marriage used to commonly be the only financial security a woman could have.Marriage used to be a power arrangement (where one or both people being married had no say).
    Marriage used to often be under shotgun conditions.
    Marriage used to be the only acceptable way a child could leave the family home.
    Marriage used to often be a trap of abuse.
    Marriage used to be the primary ‘career’ choice of women.

    Most of that no longer happens (in New Zealand at least). Marriage has evolved into being an optional voluntary equal arrangement and commitment between two people.

    A bit more marriage evolution won’t hurt most people, but it will help some and will be far better than some of the oppressive practices of
    the past.

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Asset sales – good or bad? Here is a new take, including USA’s position re: sales and Chinese ownership: