Te Reo Ngere

The NZ Herald went all Te Reo…well…in their banner. They even sanctimoniously wrote an article about their commitment. But in their haste to say look at us, aren’t we cool they have screwed up big time. if you are going to make a stand then you would have thought they would get the language right.

They didn’t. You see they have used the wrong word.

If you go to the Maori Dictionary site and put in “herald”, the result is Hērara: 

 (loan) (noun) Herald, New Zealand Herald.
Kua puta tētahi kōrero ki roto i te ‘Nūpepa Hērara o Nēpia’ mō te haerenga o Te Tātana, te Pirimia, ki te Urewera (HTK 14/4/1894:1). / An account has appeared in the ‘Napier Herald’ about the trip of Mr Seddon, the Prime Minister, to the Urewera.

Not “Hērora“…which they have used,  is Maori for “Harold” or “Herod”:

1. (loan) (personal name) Herod – the name of four rulers of ancient Palestine about the time of Jesus. Herod Antipas (22 BC-c.40 AD) was responsible for the beheading of John the Baptist.
2. (loan) (personal name) Harold.

Perhaps they should have used wetiweti?

UPDATE: It looks like their commitment to Maori Language Week lasted just a single day. All signs of their wonderful new header have disappeared.


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  • Whalerider

    FFS, realistically who is going to notice this?? The herald did a survey of over 17,000 people asking “How would you describe your understanding of te reo?” to which 35% answered with “what is te reo?” Only 2% answered with “I am fluent in te reo” so i would say only 2% of the heralds readers would even notice this. Are you one of those “fortunate” 2% whale? Also given the Maori never had a written language in my opinion the spelling using English alphabet is relatively invalid as long as the pronunciation is close.

    • Euan Rt

      Yes you are right…a bit like you mistakenly calling yourself Whaleraper while telling 300,000 people that you stand for whales rights. Just a simple spelling mistake. 

      • Whalerider

        Nice analogy. So the Herald stands for Maori rights then Euan? I didn’t realise that – my apologies. No wonder people are cancelling their subscription in droves, like most mass media they represent the marxist left and all that comes with that baggage i.e. PC agenda; labeling intelligent conservative argument racist or discriminatory against some minority group; supporting the minority and rejecting the majority democratic opinion. Apart from one or two columnists like Paul Holmes Rodney Hide they are essentially a Liabore public relations campaign.

      • Euan Rt

        Now I agree with all that Whalerider. My point was simply that I believe that to mis-spell your own name, there really is no excuse especially when the intention is to be ‘politically correct’.

    • gazzaw

      You’ve got it wrong Whalerider, the PC will claim that there was a 99% margin of error in the poll.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    The New Zealand Harald? Classic.
    What next? The Daily George?

  • Bunswalla

    New Zealand media traditionally struggles with maori names. Just last night on Close Up their lead story was about the dangers of an intersection in Patumahoe. Despite there being a sign in the story outside the Patumahoe Fire Station, with the spelling clear for all to see, a caption in the story said it was in a non-existent place called “Putatmahoe” – sloppy idiots.

    On a related note I thought it was hilarious that everyone was blaming “the intersection”, Auckland Transport or Auckland Council for the appalling driving, when the cause of the crashes (they’re not accidents) was plain for all to see. Stop signs from each side road govern the intersection, but are almost universally ignored. Even during the article on TV a ute drove through the Stop sign without stopping.

    If people actually obeyed the law and brought their vehicle to a complete stop before discovering if it was safe to proceed there would be no crashes at this or any other intersection, save for mechanical failure. But that means people have to be accountable and responsible for their decisions and actions, so of course it will never happen. Sorry for the thread-jack, I feel better now.

    • le sphincter

      You mean  responsible citizens should be able to drive up to an intersection and spray the area with  automatic gunfire , just like Blackwater, to ensure their unimpeded passage without idots ramming them and killing them

      • toby_toby

         Pardon me, but what the fuck are you on about?

      • Bunswalla

        No, I meant stop at the sign that says STOP, check that the way ahead is clear, and then proceed through the intersection safely and without risk to you, your passengers or other road users.

        I’m sorry for not making that clear, I forgot you were completely fucked in the head.

      • Agent BallSack

        Bring back Phil Ure. At least he was vaguely amusing.

    • johnopkb

      A traffic cop busted me for not stopping at a stop sign years ago.  He advised me to treat the double yellow line as a brick wall until I’d come to a full stop, whereupon it disappeared and I could look to see what was coming.  I’ve followed that advice ever since, and taught it to the kids, and never had the least trouble at stop signs

  • Never in the dark….

    I find it curious that ‘Herod’ isn’t ‘Herod’. Seems that although the Bible was introduced by (mostly) English missionaries, Te Reo adopted a corruption of the Greek “Hērōdēs”.

    That aside, I recall a childhood neighbour who pondered “How come Playboy who gets lambasted as a icon of filth and depravity, can have faultless spelling and grammar, whereas the Herald and the ‘Star’ cannot produce a single issue without error?”

    • Bunswalla

      Your neighbour was clearly reading it for the articles, which is not really what Playboy was about. Just look at the pictures like we all do. Er, I mean – did.

  • Mr_Blobby

    How many hundreds of millions spent/wasted  pushing the Language, Radio, TV, Schools, including some how making it one of our official languages, a constitutional change, without any public consultation.
    Despite all this 35% don’t know what it is and 63% don’t care only 2% speak it. I vote for Klingon to be made an official language, more people around the World speak it. People learn it for free and require no financial incentives or for it to be rammed down their throats.

    Call it what it is, a bullshit made up Language. My Great Grandfather who did speak Maori would probably say. What the fuck are you clowns saying?

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      I’m waiting for the sign-language print edition.

      • Apolonia

         Sign language radio stations would be fair.

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  • thor42

    Meh…… Maori language. 
    I have a great true story for you.
    I took Maori language in the fifth form (when there was such a thing). I was one of only two pakeha in the class.
    I came first, and the other pakeha boy came second.
    That says an awful lot.
    ( Btw, I only took it because it was easy and because no other languages were offered at our school at that time. If (spoken) Japanese had been offered, I would have taken that. )  

  • Johnny T

    Maori would be a piece of cake to learn if I could be bothered doing it and it had any relevance to my life.

  • Neil

    I always thought it is really cool going overseas and locals asking can you speak Maori and being able  to answer in Maori – just my own view – they really REALLY love it – and no never been  asked to do a haka or sing “Ten Guitars”.

  • Guest

    Urgh, who cares. Maori week is a joke. It is to easy the minds of the guilty PC white folk and the rest of us have to endure the nonsense spouted on the news, weather etc…

    Thank lord it’s only a week we have to put up with it.