Tearing Up Pagani at 11

John Pagani and I will be hosting an hour of morning talkback at NewstalkZB Wellington from 11-12.

Sean Plunket is away and so we are doing a filler spot for him. It will be no holds barred crossfire from the two of us with talkback.

David Farrar has described the prospect as:

Whale and Pagani on air for an hour together should be like sticking a mongoose and a rattlesnake in a small container and watching the mayhem.

Maybe if he calls in we can both smack him up.

Unfortunately for Auckland listeners you will have stream it live if you want to listen to me smack up Pagani…again. Wellington listeners can tune in on 89.3FM 1035AM.


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  • first time caller

    a man can hardly wait! if only we could get you guys in auckland as an alternative to those reverse racists on radio live – zb’s timeslot would put those other two fulla’s out of business…

  • In Vino Veritas

    Pagani on NZ’s commodity prices being at record levels for the last 5 years. Bollocks. They reached record levels in June – Aug 08, collapsed in Nov – Dec 08 and have steadily gone back up since then. However, since around April, the trend has been downwards.
    He’s made it up and stated it as fact. Lies, all lies.

    • Guest

      Like his wife, goes on as the pussy on the ticket then makes it all up.
      What do they do to justify even being on the radio?

  • Juana Atkins

    Considering that that was a Wellington audience I was SHOCKED to hear that none of the callers disagreed with you! LOVED the quips about gin & sherry testing Pensioners.
    I don’t get why Pagani only thinks its OK to drug test on the job. How the hell are we to HELP people get a job if we don’t give them a STRONG incentive to become drug free? I am trying to help teenagers get into jobs and further Youth Training and the BIGGEST hurdle is their drug use. Specifically Weed. It is interview skills 101, be clean, dressed well, polite, have a C.V prepared and references and NOT BE STONED.

    • Johnbronkhorst

      Agree, re drug testing on the job…..It’s OUR money (this dole they recieve), tax payes money. If the they can afford drugs, they can afford food, clothes,electricity, rent etc etc. Therefore where do these rediculous poverty figures come from. When unemployed, you have one job to do….get yourself a job!!!!! ANY job!!!!!! To the idiot Pagani, Govt.s DON’T and can’t create jobs!!! As for work programmes for the dole, I have just one question. Prey tell, what other pressing engagements do these people on the dole have??? Money for nothing….my arse!!!!

    • In Vino Veritas

      Its actually quite funny that when one is confronted with the brutal reality of having no income, you generally get off your arse and find work.

  • Mediaan

    Good work, WO, as far as your measured comments were concerned. I thought Pagani was edgy and a bit tense, not his best.

  • TravisPoulson

    Pagani was a piece of shit with his snarky pathetic comments each time he introduced Cameron after ad breaks etc. Even the “ring in, Cameron needs all the support he can get” or something to that effect. Just wanted to climb in the radio and punch the cocksmoker right in the kisser myself. From what I heard most callers were echoing a similar opinion to Cameron.

  • Guest

    Whale, any chance of posting the audio of this?