The Bunny Boiler Song


Surely this has to be called “The Bunny Boiler Song”

She’s back! The face of the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme has resurfaced with a lip-dubbed medley of popular songs that have lyrics sometimes deemed creepy.

New YouTube sensation Laina Walker, however, makes the tunes even more frightening with with her over-the-top facial expressions and wide-eyed glares into the camera.


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  • Spanishbride

    Reminds me of one lady who will remain nameless who through facebook asked me how I knew the delicious Cameron Slater. ( I had sent a friendship request as she was stalking WO and I told him that I would take care of it ) I said I’m his wife.” Oh, ” she said. ” But you’re separated right? ”
    “errrrr nope ” I replied, ” We are together and have never been separated. ” it burst her little fantasy bubble and the letters from aother country asking him to visit and the texts, e-mails and phone calls all stopped to his great relief. It is amazing how some women fixate on people in the media and invent entire fantasies around them.