The Future of NZ Politics

Looking into the future the single biggest issue for politicians is going to be how to they manage to cut government spending to levels we can afford. John Key may not think superannuation is a problem, and it may not be for him, but it is for future generations, and future generations of politicians. They will be forced to deal with increased superannuation which will put huge pressure on other spending areas. Sometimes sacred cows have to be slaughtered and this is one such sacred cow…perhaps we might find that scared cows make the best hamburgers…but we never will while we dither on the issue.

A political environment where the voters are tired of deficits and profligate governments poses interesting problems for all across the political spectrum. National may actually have to do something rather than incrementally move at glacial pace for fear of offending someone. Even if that someone is Sue Bradford, John Minto or the union movement National quivers with fear at the thought of offending them.

Labour dominated by unionists will discover the unpalatable truth, without a productive economy the state cannot spend as much. Much in the same way the last really good government, the Lange/Douglas government, reformed New Zealand for the better a modern Labour government might do what National won’t and man up to the difficult issues. Being Labour they may also screw things up royally, but give them credit, they will have a crack.

The Greens will be badly bruised by their first term in government and will either have to become realistic or they will wither. Greens have nice ideas but they aren’t very practical in the real world, which means they are best suited to opposition. Other minor parties may not be in parliament.

Over the next few weeks I will blog about this issue, and will welcome guest posts or comments on this subject.


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  • logical

    If there are any cuts  some time in the future to NZ Super the left will hijack the money saved and use it to buy votes and create dependency to stay in power.Dont think you will get a tax cut from it !

    Surely the first priority must be to address the issue of lifestyle beneficiaries and young people loafing around on the dole!

  • In Vino Veritas

    When Labour become government again, they will spend though. And to fund that spending they will (i) tax, (ii) borrow and (iii) tax some more. Wealth creators will bugger off overseas because of that punitive taxation regime.
    And of course, they will end up being voted out again. A centre right government will be elected, find that they are left with a pool of net beneficiaries and struggle to turn the economy around. They will be stymied at every opportunity by the left. Oh wait. Have we seen some of this before?

  • le sphincter

    So National has a GROWTH problem !

    And Vino  how come National has spent MORE each year than Labour did if they spending was so wasteful. There has been about zero total growth  in 3 years

    • In Vino Veritas

      And Schpink, if you put your mind to it, even you could take a stab at why there is a lack of growth. Or maybe you couldn’t.
      Spending under Labour increased over 50% and on top of that, committed future Government spending as well, plus a structural deficit that wasnt forecast to end. I’m sure that there are a lot of people out there that would say, “cut all that spending”. But that would be interest free student loans, working for families etc. By keeping these programs going, National is in fact helping these people out. Not that they’ll give any thanks to National I suppose.

      The numbers that Labour left, ie: cash in bank, public spending, hole in ACC, the ongoing deficit are all publicly available Schpink. Go have a look and be stunned.

  • baw

    Thanks to that nice boy Johnny we will have a nice balanced budget and plenty of money to spend (sorry bribe the voters). 

    Thanks to John he will have made all the hard choices for us (except for Super – so we can look responsible) and we will have the economy in good shape. Just think of all the credit we can get from our Union mates when we end 90 days, and maybe there will be enough money to buy back the Assets so Winston will be happy. 

    And thanks to lower debt levels we can borrow borrow borrow if we wish. 

    Thanks National 

  • Neil

    Oh dear – no not all really – some on this blog site have already presumed where my politics lie.  Every word written I agree Cameron – I look forward to this subject being discussed – we’re way past time dealing with the hard and fundamental problems we’ve arrived at with this them and us adversary approach to real issues.  One of the reasons I hate the yells of hypocrisy any time a party – whichever one – changes it’s direction for the better outcome.

    • patriot

      The Welfare net is way too wide  and must be reduced — eg  more children born to unmarried mothers  ie Bastards , in the old term — will need assistance … tell them that we will pay for the 1st fatherless child — after that,  she’s on her own or go see the father of her child for child support .

      NZ is paying too much to too many people — originally brought in by Labour party, to get votes to win elections — National win lose votes & lose elections if they cancel such handouts   eg interestfree student loans .

      If NZ wants to save money – maori should be treated as New Zealanders and cancel maori only Treaty payments  — eg NZ Govt  gave several million to a Maori Taranaki tribe , who spent it on an Australian software Company — and blew the lot when the Company busted — Willie Jackson, appears on TV Marae Investigates programme saying Govt should give the tribe more money  — no way

      NZ Superannuation should be aligned to the Australian age whatever that be  — or early on NZers will migrate  eg my sons are saying if NZ raises Super too far past Aust — they will take their skills to Aust and the Aust economy .

      NZ needs to cut back on DPB and tell parents/solos,  to take responsibilty for their own children — Beneficiary parents to stop smoking fags and drinking grog and smoking dope , would be a good place to start – so they can pay for their own kids , and not NZ paying for their kids .    Comes back to parenting styles and the costs .

      Personally – i have a family — not a cent asked for in benefits to raise them — i stopped fags & grog,,  to help give them a solid foundation of values .