The Great Communicator

Clare Curran, Labour’s great communications maestro, easily wins um of the day for this 10 minute speech in Parliament last night.

Here’s 1 min 23 of ums and ahs, from just the first 5 minutes of her speech.

The second half doesn’t get any better either…

She must have caught the David Shearer virus…


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  • motorizer

    our academic alternative to the current government…..TAKE A GOOD LOOK PEOPLE!!!

    Members of parliament are our conduit to the government. Curran might need re-wiring.

  • Simo

    Jeeeeez, a confident 10 year old is are more eloquent than that

    • le sphincter

      Just take a gizz  at  Key  who has made a shambles  of the asset sales process.
      He beats around the bush
      he makes shit up
       he contradicts his finance minister
      he contradicts the treasury
      he talks about a feature ( loyalty shares)  and then knows nothing about it.
      hes cocked up the water rights  issue with Maori

      and on and on it goes….yet he supposed to be a financial whizz, my god even Rod Oram had to help him out.

      • Symgardiner

        You are a very sad little man. 

  • Euan Rt

    She and Shearer have obviously got the same speech writer!

    • Troy

      The sounds she makes when getting bonked by Mallard – can get a word it.  Oh, and le assfucked sphincter, what a goat’s cock you are.

  • Quintin Hogg

    Make that a confident 7 year old…

  • nasska

    She sounds like an off the cuff speaker at a 21st.  Get your shit together woman!

  • double d

    ummmmm. wow.

  • Johnbronkhorst

    And the winner of this weeks hipkins plant pot intelect award is…………….

    • Neil

      Yay – I used to love Bill and Ben..!!!

      • What ever happened to Bill? He used to make people laugh.

  • tarkwin

    Sounds like my wedding speech – at least I was pissed.

  • Cows4me

    So how many dollars a um does she cost us?. I do hope her warranty hasn’t expired, looks like a faulty needle.

  • happy days

    Was that Clare Carumm

  • Tom

    The are as thick as pigshit and probably need to take off their shoes to count past 10. I read this magnificent quote from Will Rogers an old holly wood actor that could have applied to labour party supporters.Quote !! People who have to pay for things seldom complain !. Its the People that you give things to that you can never ever please.

    • le sphincter

      People who have to pay for things seldom complain !!! WTF 
      You have  never worked in a shop or a business dealing with the public. They complain all the time

      • Rodger T

        If they have to deal with you,we can understand why.

  • RightOfGenghis

    love it trou plaisir, your contributions are usually irrelevant but you do know which buttons to push!

  • Neil

    Ummm – that is bloody brilliant editting work Cameron – shit made my evening – wish I’d listened to it earlier…..

  •  What is she costing us per um.  I’d say if it were $0 then it is an embarrassment solely on her.  In any other fashion it is a shame on us as electors

  • Greg

    Why doesn’t she just go home and clean her house, good for nothing else!

  • It’s all Mr Chairman’s faulty – He started it! Gotta wonder if the parliamentary team went to the same video school as Cam….

  • Moves

    as a tax payer I am so proud that my tax dollars are put to great such effect.

  • Dr Wang

    It’s my professional opinion that she is stoned.