The Hipkins Standard, Ctd

Red Alert

Chris Hipkins keeps re-defining and lowering the standards of the Labour party with his Hipkins Standard. Today he has had a flick at PPP’s and forgets his Labour party history, which is strange considering he worked in Clark’s office.

This is highly amusing, as Labour passed the legislation allowing PPPs… and he should also talk to Annette king who was quite keen on PPPs as a concept:

The new Local Government Act of 2002 provided new possibilities for local authorities to work in partnership with other institutions, including central government, other councils, the private sector, and communities. The 2002 Act allowed the greater use of PPPs and required a PPP policy to be prepared and adopted as part of the long-term council community plan (now called long-term plan).

One year later, the Land Transport Management Act 2003 allowed public road controlling authorities to enter PPP-style concession agreements (see Figure 1) with third parties to build or operate roads. The term of the concession could not exceed 35 years and the responsible Minister had to approve any such agreement.

Hipkins’ criticism of having someone actually overseeing the PPP is also in line with the Office of the Auditor General’s recommendations:

Lessons learned so far from the process include:

  • the need for clear project outcomes;
  • the importance of PPP expertise in leading and managing the project;
  • the need for senior managers to support and invest their time in the project; and
  • the need for clear communication about the outcomes being sought.

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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I think Hipkins kid is justifying his existence by publishing nonsense every now and then. Feel sorry for the great people of Rimutaka who selected this poppet to represent them…..

  • AnonWgtn

    Little jerk.