The Hipkins Standard, Ctd

Oh dear of dear. Chris Hipkins really is a failure when it comes to political history.

Poor old Chippy tweets today:

Clearly he forgot his former leader…and past task master slipped off at the ignominious end of her political career to the United Nations…where she has just been sprung in an act of crass hypocrisy. Cactus Kate reminded the hapless Chippy of the facts:

Perhaps Chris Hipkins learned the “The Hipkins Standard” from the lap of Helen Clark? Should it perhaps be renamed the Clark Doctrine?

Of course National supported Helen Clark’s case to the UN which Mr Hipkins seems to forget and she’s hardly a crony…

And after all… if she wasn’t there Darren Hughes would have had no one to hide out with when he left Annette’s place eh?



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  • Sthn.jeff

    Remind me again, which organisation the former Labour Member for Te Atatu works for???

  • Sthn.jeff

    Spot the similarity????

  • Guest

    Except that Chris has totally got the wrong end of the broomstick,

    The Rumour is that McCully might be interested in becoming NZ’s next Ambassador TO the UN,(replacing Jim McLay)  and on the assumption that NZ was elected to the Sec Council seat it is contesting, old Muzza would at some point on its rotation get to be Chair of the Sec Council…..

    • Jimmie

      Who the frek would want to work at the UN? 

      To me Chinese water torture would be preferable to ‘working’ at that den of hypocrites.

      Sure the $$$ would be good but he can’t be short of cash.

      To sit in the UN listening to a bunch of pollies droning away would drive me nuts.

      McCully must be going senile if he wants that job.

  • Tookinator

    Saw an old episode of Happy Days (The Fonz) the other day and the young guy in it is the spitting image of Hipkins. Can anyone post a likeness foto?

  • olddad

    let’s not forget the former minister of wine and food…oops, speaker of the house , who earned a nice trip to London for a few years after serving in Helengrad.

  • Troy

    Hipkins and Hughes, two ginga’s with a passion for the same thing lol

  • Hagues

    At least McCully will be going at the end of the parliamentary term, unlike Clark who cut and run from her electorate despite promising to serve her 3 year term as their duly elected local representative costing the tax payer even more money.

  • Sthn.jeff

    Is Hipkins Alfred E Neuman in disguise????