The Hipkins Standard, Ctd

NZ Herald

I blogged about the Chris Hipkins’ Standard with regard to Board Appointments. Well Chippie has been at it again, creating another level to “The Hipkins Standard”:

“The fact that these people are going ahead and downloading huge amounts of data suggests a certain laissez-faire attitude to spending public money.”

Hipkins said most hotels and airports provided free WiFi, which should be used instead of the internet on smart phones.

“If they are downloading a work-related app then that’s fine but if it’s the latest version of the Angry Birds then that’s not something they should be doing on mobile phones.”

Did Phil Goff use parliamentary services provided bandwidth to download his version of Angry Birds?

I might have some sympathy with Hipkins’ claims if he would open up the communications costs for Labour MPs. Yet again we see why the Parliamentary Services expenditure must be opened up to the OIA.


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  • Still struggling on level 1

  • Guest

    What then does he say about Shane Jones buying porn at hotels then? It might not be data but its still wasteful spending by an MP. (though I’d check the cookies on Jones’ laptop too) 

    • thesorrow&thepity

      Don’t forget Chris Carter & his gay partner getting massages in Cambodia, if the msm had the brains to figure $120USD is A LOT for legitimate massages in Cambodia he may have had to answer some potentially embarrassing questions to the police!

      • Fozzie

         Obviously you would know ….. or was it just from a ‘reliable source’ …

      • Phronesis

        I paid ~ $20 US at a flash hotel and got slightly more than I was expecting so I am sure you can get absolutely anything for 3x the price.

      • thesorrow&thepity

        @7e860998a58b03728f827fa36de0b249:disqus @9813198097ee05690acd7b10ffe75568:disqus  Yes I do know after traveling through asia last year! $20USD is the standard price for legit massages from upscale places, but as hotels are mostly run by mafia or police/politician/army types (who are basically also mafia) then happy endings from hotel massages is not too surprising. I’m guessing carter + partner had boys give them their ‘massages’ the real question is how old were the boys who gave them ‘massages’ at 3x the going rate?


        Call it like it is – these 2 homos fucked Asian boys bottoms for thrills while you and I paid tax so they could do it.

  • Lone Ranger
  • Johnbronkhorst

    “……certain laissez-faire attitude to spending public money.” Seen hipkins airline expenses??? What does he do, rent a helicopter to get from wellington to Upper Hutt (a 30min drive)? Hipocrit!!!!!

  • Johnbronkhorst

    Hipkins…The only house plant to create it’s own fertilizer!!!

  • toby_toby

    If National had made a move to curtail public servants’ internet access, Labour would be jumping up and down and screaming that National is attacking public servants.

  • Has Hipkins seen the price of hotel WiFi or broadband access any time lately? It’s daylight bloody robbery!


      No worries for him – he just uses

    • Bunswalla

      Correct, the hotels still charge the same price they did 10 years ago for underwhelming wifi, clearly see it as a cash cow. The better ones often have free wifi in the lobby, as do airports but they are invariably unsecured and I wouldn’t use those if I was an MP. Could be embarrassing if some of the communications they make appear in, I don’t know, a blog?