The Protector

Episode 1 from Humanity TV

Belle uses her champion karate and self-defense skills to empower at-risk Indian girls to protect themselves from human trafficking threats.
Check out more about Belle here:
Learn more about Project Crayons on their site:

Ep. 1: The Protector from Humanity.TV on Vimeo.


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  • Chris

    I admire her courage and decision to teach these girls some form of self defence. Sadly Karate is hardly an appropriate form of defence outside of the dojo. They would be better off learning something with real world applications like….squeezing testicles very hard and kicking shins or poking eyes out while screaming very loudly to attract attention. They should also be learning some situational awareness; the best defence is to simply not be there when it happens. And I am serious, Im not being a smart arse.

    Ohwell…atleast they will get some self confidence which helps you to keep your head up and not be such a target in the first place.