The Rich List and Pay Walls

Cactus Kate

Cactus Kate has some advice for the wealthy wanting to avoid the gaze of publicity that NBR has and a way for NBR to massively increase their revenue and remove the paywall at the same time:

The best thing the NBR could do for revenue is forget the paywall and ask each wealthy person or family for $10,000 or $50,000 to stay off the list. Kind of a “Michelle Boag” in reverse, pay us and you will stay out of the press. Many would fork out even more. No other publication does as extensive analysis. Rumour has it PR companies are actually employed to ensure the write up for their clients is correct. Once you are pinged as being worthy to be on this list it is very hard to get off unless you suffer public catastrophy or protest your poverty.


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  • Bawaugh

    The day after doing that and it becomes public the NZ Herald will start doing their own list. 

  • Dazza

    Isn’t that called extortion?


    The list is bullshit – 2 easy examples. Terry The Piss from Wellington never was worth $140 M as the NBR stated – he owed about that and his property portfolio was never worth double the debt – so maybe NBR should look at the debit and credit entries on the balance sheet – second there is one on there with a stated few hundred million – its well over a billion so again they are miles out. Still he thinks he is lucky they have it so wrong