The Romneyshambles, Ctd

The #romneyshambles continues. Then there is the Mittconception:

A fundamental belief of Mitt Romney’s, based on mistaken understanding of an issue (one of many).

“Romney wants to eliminate President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, and stated that doing so will IMPROVE racial inequities in healthcare?! What a Mittconception – actually said that at the NAACP Annual Convention too!!”

“Mitt Romney says he’s unemployed? Dude, that’s another Mittconception. He has no idea what it’s like to depend on a weekly paycheck.”


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  • Bunswalla

    It’s just basic courtesy, common sense and good manners. You don’t audition for a role as a relationship-builder with the US’s most important ally by criticising the country you’re visiting two days before their big show, just like you don’t pop around to introduce yourself to the neighbours and take a dump in their fireplace.

  • Fergus

    The problem with Obama care…is all the extras that come with it. Govt. control never works and will, in this case destroy the US economy. Without an economy, nothing else matters!!

  • Redneck
  • not happy days

    Sorry i’ve got to say again, fun aside think about what Len Brown is doing to us

  • Spiker .

    Not likely to have lost many votes though, the British don’t get to vote for US President.

  • Johnphd

    What is it with all the constant anti Romney negative items on what is supposed to be a centre right blog ?
    So far you have only showed one anti Obama item.
    It is the usual left/liberal mainstream media exaggerating comments by Romney, but nothing new their. 
    Their golden boy Obama, is in serious trouble with flat lining poll numbers and an economy that just won’t budge out of recession.

    • Bunswalla

      One of the reasons many of us read and contribute to this blog is that it invites discussion on a range of topics from an equally wide range of viewpoints. If you want party line ideology and suppression of dissenting views, there is a blog that will give you that.

      WO’s infatuation with gay rights pisses me off but I just don’t read them any more – I know what they’ll say, and I know what the comments will say. It’s a lot like Pavlov’s dog.

      Left/right in the US is nothing like what it is here. They don’t even call it left wing in the US, they call it “liberal” and it’s an insult. I like to mock where I find stupidity, and Romney is the motherlode. Only difference between him and the fuckwit George W Bush is that Romney has better make up. Other than that they’re both devoid of original thought.

      The presidential race is just that – a popularity contest between two people and the enormous machines they marshall to help them get over the line. Being president doesn’t mean squat if you don’t have the Senate or Congress behind you.