The Simpsons on the iPad


You can now get the Simpsons on your iPad:

In a development that would make even Comic Book Guy proud, digital comic book platform comiXology is teaming up with Matt Groening’s Bongo Comics to bring America’s favorite family to the iPad. The partners announced the Simpsons Comics app for iOS, available today, at a panel at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con.

The iOS app is a free download for the iPad and the iPhone and will launch with a selection of digital versions of both recent and classic Bongo titles like Simpsons ComicsBart Simpson and Radioactive Man. ComiXology will also give away a digital copy of Simpsons Comics #100 on its website for a limited time to mark the release of the app.


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  • si_rangi

    best apple news in years

  • Tristanb

    Unfortunately The Simpson’s hasn’t been funny for years. I cringe when they advertise that Concords unfunny appearance on the show.

    It’s sad, because some of the old Simpsons are hilarious.

    It happened a bit before this, but all of the HD episodes are unfunny. It’s like they’ve been written by the writers of Futurama. Futurama is such a shit unfunny show, I’m not really sure what people see in it.

  • Mediaan

    To me, Simpsons is the best and most consistent social satire on television. It happens to be in a light funny style. Matt Groening is obviously a brilliant creative mind.

    The other thing that knocks me out is that it stays fresh. Year after year, episode after episode, it has bite. I don’t always watch it, as see very little tv.

    But I need to know there are extraordinarily clever and gifted people around, to counterbalance the vast heaving swathes of twots.

    I am in awe of whoever makes this happen.

    Yes, good news.