The truth will out, despite the Herald

Doesn’t the Herald want its readers (those who are left) to have the full story?

Almost a year ago I outed?a whiner called Liz Horgan, posing as a normal person, who wrote to the Herald complaining about National Standards.

The Herald either chose not to publish that this woman is an NZEI and NZPF activist, or were just dumb enough to repeat her nonsense without contemplating she might have a hidden agenda.

So I was happy to help them out.

Now it has happened again. Concerned reader Liz Horgan is in the Herald today harping on about league tables. And once again, the Herald ignores her background, or keeps it from readers.

You’ll notice she doesn’t once mention kids or parents. But she gives parents special attention in her latest newsletter,?when she threatens parents who haven’t paid attendance dues:? “Do not just IGNORE the matter otherwise we have no choice but to send the account through to the Catholic School Office for further action.”

What are the chances of the Herald including this when they publish Horgan’s next nasty letter?