Tweets of the Day

Peter Dunne is really sticking it to Labour for nasty attacks on him recently:





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  • George Peters

    That’s pretty rich coming from Mr Turncloak.

  • AnonWgtn

    Pure Labour hypocrites.
    They may get his vote for Mondayising but not extended leave – watch.

  • Chris

    Do people actually follow Peter Dunne on twitter?

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Pure hypocrisy. Just like when Auntie had to kinda “swallow” all of Peter’s peacocking as he played at being King maker. The taste he left in her mouth was vissibly bitter, but swallow she did and she swallowed with a smile when it meant Auntie could then be PM… and then send Peters and his baubles as far away from NZ as possible – all on the tax payer dollar too of course.

    Then there’s Labour’s hypocrisy with their Aussie cobbers rorting union members to the tune of over $20M+ for years and years and years – all whilst the ALP bury heads and try and “ignore” the thieving, lies, misappropriation and outright corruption of their union wing – all so Gillard can keep the PM role and ALP can still be the government. Labour everywhere = hypocrisy.

    How can Gillard and the ALP have any mandate or credibility when they harbour and aide known thieves, and corrupt unions to keep themselves in government? (Proceeds of crime?)

    So Peter – hypocrisy of the 2nd highest order to answer your question. The 1st and largest hypocrisy though being the marijuana v’s alcohol & tobacco laws though…

  • Richard McGrath

    Peter, if you’re so peeved withdraw your support for Labour, or STFU.

  • Morgy

    Robertson’s tweet would have us beleive Moroney’s bill will be passed. It isn’t is it??

    • Mully

      My understanding is that it’ll pass it’s first reading, go to select committee and Bill English will veto it when it comes back. He can’t veto it until then, apparently.

  • Troy

    Correct.  The Liabors are a pack of lazy wanks who thinks its more important to take a day off than to seek to workout what ANZAC Day etc is all about.  Goat’s cocks the lot of them.