Union scum

The Telegraph

Unions really take the cake with self-importance.

Border guards who disrupt the Olympics could be fired, Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt has suggested.

The Culture secretary disclosed that some ministers wanted a “Ronald Reagan” approach to dealing with this weeks- eve of Olympics strike.

The comments lift the lid on the concern at the top of Government over the planned strikes by the PCS union on Thursday, the day before the start of the Olympic Games.

A split has emerged in the Coalition, after Chancellor George Osborne suggested laws at the weekend could be changed to make it harder for public sector workers to go on strike.

One idea is only to allow a strike if more than 40 per cent of the officials vote in a ballot. In the PCS’s strike ballot, one in five border guards voted.

Mr Hunt was asked by a sports presenter on BBC Radio Five whether the Border agency should say to strikers “sorry your job is not there any more” – and “sack them”.


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  • BG

    Hardly surprising is it? I only lived in London for 3 years and every summer’s the Tube drivers went on strike; right about the time the tourists were arriving. It was just a great reason to leave London and travel.

    It was so consistant you could set your watch to it. *MIND THE GAP*

    • Johnbronkhorst

      No different here when we had compulsory unionism…whafies and ferry workers on strike ….you could wake from a coma and if they were on strike you would know it was Christmas.

      • Neil

        You got it – thank the stars those days are gone – lovely allegory.

    • AnonWgtn

      Like many years ago when a Tube station “minder” was sacked at Arsenal Station.

      All he said, regularly, being a West Indian was “Mind yr backs Arse-n-all” when closing to doors.

  • thor42

    Agreed, WO. Sack the bastards.
    Reagan sacked the air-traffic controllers, didn’t he, and the country didn’t fall over. The same will be the case in the UK.
    Get rid of the jumped-up self-important gits.