Unregistered, no warrant and showing off

David Shearer put a nice little skite post on his Facebook Wall about the feature in Classic Car magazine of his 1957 MG.

Here is the feature photo:

David Shearer has a little problem however. Explaining how his classic 1957 MGA got to the photo shoot.

Readers may have noticed that Carjam is advertising and so I used the services of my advertiser, here is the vehicle check for HH7047:

It appears that David Shearer drove an unregistered and unwarranted car to his photo shoot breaking the law in the process. Good journalists would surely be asking Mr Shearer how precisely he got the 1957 MGA from his house to the photo shoot all without driving on public roads.

I’m not sure but I think driving an unwarranted, unregistered vehicle is a strike offense under the boy-racer legislation, the only thing missing is loss of traction.


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  • Orange


  • logical

    It is ridiculous red tape that we have to get a warrant of fitnes every 6 months!

    It should be based on distance covered, not time ,A vehicle does not wear if it is not being used much. A vehicle of this age that is held a a collectible is would not do many miles in 6 months and they are always  well maintained. U.K abolished all checks for pre- 1960 vehicles for this reason as is the case in most other countries.

    The present system is just a revenue collecting trap.A silly law so that they can set up roadblocks to collect revenue from expired warrants.

    It is time to make warrants distance based and abolish them for pre- 1960 cars.

    • Saccharomyces

      Actually vehicles can deteriorate significantly without being used, so a mileage-only option is not really correct. That said, I think that 6 monthly WOFs are a relic and should be extended out to at least 12 months.

      • logical

        hmmm…. you must drive a European car… mine dont deteriorate or wear without moving.

      • Mully

         “logical” – of course they do.
        Rubber amongst other things perishes and seals dry out.

    • Ford

      or could do the same as aussie..only need a roadworthy cert when selling a car and cops can order(pink sticker) any car off the road anytime and need a new cert to get it back on

    • Mr_Blobby

      The whole WOF, REGO thing is nothing but a revenue gathering wrought.
      I have been to countries that have no interest in a car until it is 10 Years old. There motorways aren’t littered with broken down cars like us and there road toll is half ours. No road user charges and rego is yearly and just that, registration, the same for all vehicles, not like here.

  • RRM

    LOL you know how notoriously inconsistent carjam reports are – right?

    Lefthand sill looks a bit dodgy…MG A is a lovely car though, the greatest MG by far. My respect for him just went way up.

    • James

      You can see that a stollen check has been done on the car only yesterday. So somebody has paid for the full report and they will know for sure that this is not WOFed or REGed. I’m willing to believe it has neither.

      • le sphincter

        Stupid … it was WO 

      • RRM

         Like I said… you know how reliable carjam reports are, right?

    • toby_toby

      Why are they not reliable?

  • le sphincter

    Super Nanny  is busy this morning ? N’est pas

    Of course the photo wouldnt show the  car transporter !.  Magazines are funny like that.

    • Agent BallSack

      Yeah, he got a car transporter to get his car there….that makes sense if you’re completely fucking stupid and make outrageous excuses for everything the left does.

      • RRM

        Calling it an “outrageous excuse” tells us a lot about who you are and what you know.

        In my experience, people with enthusiast’s cars like this are FAR more likely to worry about doing the right thing (i.e. trailer an unregistered/unwarranted car rather than drive it on the road) than the general motoring population who just don’t give a fuck.

        You simply can’t afford not to, with all the extra attention you get from Mr Plod driving something unusual on the road.

    • Roger

      If there was a car transporter that just underlines how naive Shearer and Labour are if he has to transport his stage props in.

    • Richard McGrath

      Also, is there any indication when that photo was taken? Might have been in the distant past when he had a WoF and rego.

    • Sure he did…nek minnit photos of David tooling around in the motor on page 16

      • Mully

         Closed track?
        Stunt Driver?
        Isle of Mann?

        Whatever other straws they can clutch at.

  • John

    The CarJam report also shows David’s MG has 5 seats.  
    At a pinch I might believe it has seats for two – plus room for one Ghost Leader.
    …but stretching the truth to add any more seats is just wishful thinking – much like his expectations for Labour’s seats at the next election! 

    • Paul

       http://www.smithsclassics.com/mg/mg-mga/mga-rumble-seat this is how it could possibly have 5 seats or at least 4

  • Cadwallader

    Labour are the champion boy-racers….no traction at all.

    • Agent BallSack


    • RRM

       You can’t break traction in an MG!!!!


      • Mully

         Gah, thud.

  • Bobo

    I look forward to the Greens calling for an immediate inquiry into this most serious and troubling event.

  • le sphincter

    Is someone going for Waitakere Man vote ?
    Will Key cancel the Maui holiday  and visit Jay Lenos garage ?

    • Roger

       Obviously Shearer isn’t.

  • fecnde

    whats with all the odometer DECREASE on the carjam report?

    • RRM

      Almost every old car I’ve been involved with has had irregularities somewhere along the line in its recorded mileage. There are a few reasons:

      1) Odometer readings are taken at WoF inspections (by humans who are fallible) and are then input into the national computer system (by humans who are fallible.) Over the course of half a century on the road you get a few data input errors.

      2) Lots of old British cars only have 99,999 km odometers. They go around the clock more often.

      3) it’s not uncommon to replace an old faulty instrument panel with a replacement one out of a donor car (e.g. another old car of the same model that has been crashed or rusted out.)

      Although of course, you can never rule out a leftist conspiracy, we all know how dishonest they all are right?

      • I don;t hold any relevance to the mileage…you are entirely accurate in your hypothesis…i would be this is one gone past the 99,999 limit of the odometer….bit useless giving a 1957 car a haircut anyway

  • logical

    Looking at the Carjam link reveals that in the last 10 years it has been through 12  W.O.F checks to cover a short distance of 2794 miles.

    It is absolutely ridiculous that the present system requires this.When are National going to get rid of un – necessary red tape as promised ?

    • Saccharomyces
      • logical

        Yes just bureacrats running around in circles again. The same issue came up previously in in the 1990s and as soon as the motor trade bleated about the loss of this gravy train it was dropped.

        How many committees , reports , surveys ,opinions , meetings , submissions etc do they need.

        Just do it !

        Why do New Zealanders love being over regulated !

  • Rightoverlabour

    Hi, me thinks you  are being pedantic, possibly “nasty”? but then with signed paintings etc, one has to be careful. The thing that bothers me is that this is a great image for a leader who represents the “oppressed, poor, workers” in society. Having said all that he is not such a bad bloke, possibly in the wrong party, though?

  • Scanner

    Probably quite a nice car with some money spent on it, but as it stands it’s a very tatty example, take a look at the grille, the front valance, the door sills to name but a few.
    You would think on the dosh he earns, and with all the spare time he has on his hands through not doing anything he would have made a start on restoring it, perhaps the greens should ask for an inquiry into why this hasn’t happened

    • Richard McGrath

      But the Greens would proobably take him to task for not restoring a 1957 wooden bicycle, not an Earth-raping, gas-guzzling, emissions-spewing capitalist death machine.  

  • Rwm

    Crush it!!

  • Phar Lap

    Par for the course Lie-bour have a right of entitlement.It has always been, dont do what we do do, as we say.Let us not forget the time they stole $800,000 on a pledge card scam,then when found out they backdated the law and made it legal.Stand by for same thing if the Muppet from Mogadishu,gets to sit on the Treasury Benches,as he wipes away his criminal act and makes it alright.

  • thesorrow&thepity

    hehe, I’ve got an idea Whale Oil should do! Photo shop out Shearer, put Key’s pic in his place, circulate it through the media, wait for the howls n hoots to start from camp Labour, n then spring on em the fact that it was their own leader in the pic! 1957 MG $15,000. New warrant n rego $345. The look on Labours faces once they realize they’ve just accidentally tarred n feathered their own leader…. PRICELESS!!!!! 

  • Roger

    Apparently it was a gift from a Somali warlord. Butin de guerre, puckered one. 

  • tarkwin

    Surprised it got that far without breaking down.

  • Islandguy

    No, it’ll be the Nat Gummint’s fault that this poor oppressed boy racer couldn’t get a job because he couldn’t afford a WOF or Rego…