V8s gone to the birds

With the V8s gone and the financial fallout that remains it seems that Hamilton has gone to the birds.

Is this what Michael Redman and Bob Simcock meant when they set up the Tron to be the events capital of New Zealand?

I wonder if Michael got things in train for Auckland to get the V8s before he resigned from ATEED?

I wonder how watertight that agreement is with the Aussies eh, Len?


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  • gazzaw

    The deal is as watertight as the Titanic.

    The only thing that is guaranteed of is a dorky photo of Len on the front page of the Horrid waving the chequered flag.

    This has to represent the best troughing opportunities ever for Len & his mates.

  • Steve and Monique

    Mayor Hardaker of Hailton ran her campaign on removing the V8s from Hamilton.And she got what she wanted.Pity her and her cronies did not sell the track asset for more,then the 1.2 million she gave it away for.Hamilton change your slogan to” the Pigeon hole of NZ”.At least Pukekohe gets anouther shot at the V8s.See you all there next year.

  • Arnie

    $7MIL return from 130000 people, that is provided the are all from outside Auckland, perhaps 10000 may, I think the Mayor has stretched the figures somewhat.

  • AnonWgtn

    You are assuming that Len will still be Mayor ?
    He will be long gone before any of his pipe dreams come to fruition, if they ever do.