Waikato Regional Council writes to Len Brown

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The Chair and Mayor of the Waikato Regional Council have written to Len Brown over the V8 Supercars fiasco. It is very blunt and raises several very, very good questions that Mayor Len Brown really needs to answer as to why he pushed fot he V8 Supercars to be held at Pukekohe.

In particular they highlight the problem Lenny may have with resource consents.

Letter to Mayor Brown Re V8s


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  • le sphincter

    Hampton Downs was ruled out by the V8 promoters who wanted it in Pukekoehe.

    And why should Auckland promote an event outside its boundary .  
    Resource consents are a minor thing as the course  exists  and is used for car races

    • With some rather large limitations at Pukekohe – noticeably the noise limit and shit road access to the site compared to Hampton Downs…

      • Vlad

        And Pukekohe is a crap track for spectators, owned by the arch-troughers in the horse-racing community.  Hampton Downs has had a raw deal from the bureaucrats from day one – starting with government funded opposition from Prisons that cost the private enterprise builders of Hampton Downs years and millions.  The car noises might have disturbed the con’s weekend sleep-ins.  Very good to see someone in authority (bit of a stretch when applied to Hamilton councillors, but still..) giving it some support. 

      • Cobolt

        Noise isn’t so much of a factor, The Aussie V8s are quiet compared to many other formulas that have raced there.
        That aside, Hampton Downs is a hands down way better venue. The track would be lengthened the moment management got the confirmation of a major event, whether it be the V8s, Moto GP, or any other mid-term contracted high profile racing series. For some reason Tony Cochrane of AVESCO does not like HD or its officers. I used to think his aversion was for permanent tracks – street races are way cooler (apparently) – but then why the return to Pukekohe?

      • Pretty much the views I am hearing from all sorts of places – and ran commentary on else where in regards to the V8s at Pukekohe.

        Seems ATEED and our resident Prude – the Mayor have dropped the ball on this one, and the decision of ATEED blowing a few mil on new offices, AND the mayor spending money on some rebrand exercise.

        Sheesh when will the waste stop…

      • gazzaw

        Hopefully Ben, the waste will stop in October 2013 when Brown gets the big arse. It’s all a matter of damage control until then. We need to see some spine from the C&R councillors though.

      • And there is the issue: C&R as the opposition. Remember at least one C&R councillor voted FOR the V8s at Pukekohe before all due diligence was done. 

        So we need “strong” centre councillors whether they be C&R or reputable independents like Cllr Calum Penrose

    • Random66

      Given the above letter there seems to be at least $6-7 million reasons why.

    • gazzaw

      Because the thousands of overseas visitors (quote Len Brown & ATEED) will be sleeping, eating, drinking & spending in Auckland Sphink. Not much accomm at Hampton Downs as I recall unless thay are moving the prisoners out.

      • Hey, that would better, least its so called money earned by a prison rather than money spent…

  • Mediaan

    Wow. There is intelligent life at WRC.
    You learn something every day.

    • le sphincter

      Is WRC worried the locals will head up SH1 to the big smoke and never come back.

      A bit like Trev from T. K.  Couldnd wait to spend his money and settle down  in….. Auckland

      • Pin

         Again your spot on sphincter…….The Mayor of Waikato District is a clown….The Chair of WRC must have written the letter and just said, “sign here Allan”….

  • AnonWgtn

    Thank goodness I do not live in Auckland any more.
    Auckland voters voted for the Council and the Dick Mayor.
    They get what they deserve.
    And it will cost them dearly as much damage has already been done (and cannot be undone).

    • gazzaw

      I assume you live in Wellington Anon. Sure, we deserve what we got (mostly due to  people NOT voting) but I’m not convinced that Wellington has done much better in the mayoral stakes.

  • Michael Duke

    OK Guys see if you can follow this logic chain.

    Brett O’Reilly is the CEO of ATEED and a long time motor racing personality, has raced touring cars and formula atlantic/pacific (Even though his sister was faster than him) but the point is he has long been involved with MotorSport NZ. 

    Tony Cochrane is also a long term associate of the gnomes at the top of Motorsport NZ.

    Tony Roberts was an early backer of Mark Petch in creating the SuperTourers class in NZ which has derailed most of the drivers/teams from the MSNZ run Enzed V8 series, that cost MSNZ a LOT of money in lost revenue for the Enzed series.

    Hence I am sure that ATEED and MSNZ have been applying the pressure on everyone that Pukekohe is the best place for the SuperCars even though they left because it is a crap track with virtually none of the infrastructure required to run top level motor sport there.

    It should always of been either Taupo or Hampton Downs for the V8’s, Pukekohe should not have even been considered.

    • Pin

       You are probably bang on Mike

    • le sphincter

      The people from   V8 cars Australia want it at Puke. Do you not get that.
      It would be like telling the IOC to have the Olympics at Birmingham, when THEIR choice was London

      • Michael Duke

        No they do not!!!.

        They spent 4 years getting away from Pukekohe due to a lack of facilities and a track that is as exciting as watching paint dry for spectators.  First with a street race proposal in Auckland and then moving to the tron they wanted to move BADLY.

        They do however know how much not having a NZ round would hurt them in spectator numbers and TV rights dollars if the NZ public stopped watching.They also know that without ATEED or similar they would not have a race that stacks up.  Wellington would not go there again after the debacle that was the Nissan Mobil 500, Hamilton was gone, Taupo has accommodation issues and Christchurch is not an option so Pukekohe or Hampton Downs was the only possibility and ATEED would not support a Hampton Downs event because of the MotorSport NZ link with its CEO.

    • Cobolt

      Bit of a long bow there I think Michael. Anyone who is anyone in Motorsport in NZ knows each other, it’s such a small community. Roberts is well known by most as he has been competing in different series for years.
      I am sure there some bad blood in there somewhere but I don’t think it’s between Roberts and ATEED.
      Also Cochrane’s a big boy and a smart player. I can’t see him being swayed by petty in-fighting if he thought Hampton Downs was the place to go.

      • Michael Duke

        No the bad blood is between Tony Roberts/Mark Petch and MSNZ.  My point is that Brett O’Reilly, being the CEO of ATEED has enough clout to help his friends at MSNZ screw Tony Roberts and by implication Mark Petch.

        Do not underestimate the hatred of Mark Petch by MSNZ and their stooges,  

  • Horace the Grump


  • Mrbadger

    Is this the pay back to Franklin, having been gobbled up by ARC? and access to the track at Pukekohe is terrible, you can be sitting in the traffic along Manuaku Road for ages. Silly idea.

    • Pin

       They are petrol heads Mr Badger!……they love sitting in cars for ages!

    • frosty

      Funny how the new highway that was supposed to run to the Manukau Rd area was scrapped by the new super city idiots – as well as the train station upgrades.  Puke has had the raw end of the stick since the super city was thrown together – any beneficial projects to connect Puke with the wider region have been cut.  The chance of this sort of thing happening is why most Franklin residents didn’t want to be part of the super city.
      I’m all for V8’s in Puke – I was a local when they ran the event previously and it was great – Puke is a bogan town and it was generally something to be enjoyed – and it would be nice to think it will drag a few people into town that wouldn’t normally visit to spend their $$$.  It’s just a shame that loopy Len is purely doing this to keep blowing his own trumpet as part of ‘his vision’, yet he doesn’t give a shit about Franklin otherwise.

  • Mr_Blobby

    The 2 best things to put next to prisons. Rubbish Dumps and Noisy public events.
    Better still erect a viewing platform so the spectators can view the monkeys in the zoo, in between events. Of course the viewing platform would probably be based in the prison for the benefit of the inmates to see the racing.
    How about putting the prisoners up in, say rail cattle cars, during big events and letting out the prison as accommodation.

    • Patrick

       Gallows – by far the best thing to put beside a prison

  • Bunswalla

    Why is Auckland Council even running this event anyway? Did nobody learn the lessons from Hamilton, who took a huge bath on it over the last few years, then paid a fee to be released from their contract early. I know a really good monorail they can buy while they’re at it.

    • TravisPoulson

      If I had a dime for every person I saw comparing it to Hamilton. Completely different. Do some research on it. Look into who is carrying the risk. Think about the differences between setting up a street circuit vs established track. The only reason the racing was pulled from Pukekohe to start with is that they decided to spend money on the horse racing side of it instead of giving the motorsport track the much needed upgrade, otherwise it’d still be at Puke and have never gone to Hamilton.

      Absolutely pointless to compare the Hamilton street circuit and an established race track. 

      • Bunswalla

        My point Trav is that a Local Authority is best to stick its core business, and leave speculative event promotion to those with knowledge, experience, contacts and deep pockets not presently filled with ratepayers’ money.

        How long ago was it that Auckland Council had the brilliant idea to promote a football game with David Beckham’s LA Galaxy? Took a bath of several million on that one. And wasn’t there a similarly disastrous promotion and underwriting of some theatrical production at the Aotea Centre not long before that?

        They can run the V8s on an indoor Scalextric track for all I care – just let some other mug pay for it. 

      • TravisPoulson

        Well this kills 2 birds with one stone for me, I still get to see my race in NZ, and Len’s likely pissed off enough ratepayers by now to get his arse ejected in the next local body elections. brilliant!

  • kevin

    So, it’s really about personalities/point scoring/payback/whatever rather than the event? Hampton Downs venue seems so logical. It might even be a lot safer for the drivers… :-o

  • Guest

    Obscure but true fact – V8’s will never race at Hampton Downs because Cochrane won’t allow the apartment owners their free visitation to the track that comes with owning one of the apartments.

  • Jps

    whats it got to do with the waikato regional council?