Wanna buy a flat car?

NZ Herald

The first boy racer car flattened by the crushing law is for sale on Trademe, proceeds go to charity:

The father of a teenager whose car became the first to be crushed under new boy racer laws and is now for auction on Trade Me said he “just wants the whole thing to go away”.

Daniel Briant’s Nissan Laurel, now just 30cm high, was the first car to fall victim to former Police Minister Judith Collins’ boy racer legislation when it was crushed at a Wellington scrap metal yard last month.

The Trade Me listing by the scrap metal yard, Macaulay Metals, has achieved more than 48,000 views and hundreds of comments so far.

But bidding for the car, previously worth $9000, had reached only $400 by midday yesterday. The auction closes on July 9 and the proceeds are being donated to Youthline.

Briant’s father said his son was not happy about the online auction but there wasn’t much he could do.


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  • Petal

    Nice to see his Dad grew a pair eventually.

  • Metalnwood

    It looks like a Delorean now, not sure why he didn’t pimp it out like that earlier.

  • baw

    Boo hoo hoo,

    Then he should not have broken the law. He needs to grow up and smell reality. The sad thing is that while the first crushing will be public future crushing will become private affairs, thus diluting the impact. 

    Perhaps the cops could put all future crushings onto youtube. I am sure that Whaleoil readers may like to look at the cars being crushed. 

    Great publicity for the scrap yard though, all those extra hits on their website. 

  • Hamilton Lad

    So let me just make sure I understand this: So we took a car worth $9000 that we could have confiscated and sold, but instead we paid to have it crushed, and now it is worth perhaps $400. 
    And that’s clever? Hmmmmm….

    • In Vino Veritas

      Yep, Hamilton, it is clever. But sadly (and clearly) beyond you.

    • Michaelharford

      The car was stripped of most of the value before being crushed (engine and related components, dashboard controls, stereo, wheels etc). It was not worth $9000 when it went into the crusher (I doubt it was ever worth $9000 to be honest).

    • James Gray

      I highly doubt we paid to have it crushed. Normally, a scrapyard will pay a three figure sum to acquire such a car, strip and crush it at their own expense, and somehow they still remain in business…

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    A Nissan Laurel is crime in itself Hamilton Lad.

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