Where’s Shearer?

Haven’t seen much of Shearer recently.

Clayton Cosgrove (who was only helping his constituents) did all the talking for Labour in response to the faux outrage at the National Party Conference at the weekend, backed fully by those 79 dirty smelly protesters.

Where is Shearer?

Oh that’s right putting Clare Curran back in her bottle.

Even Labour’s somewhat blunt attacks in parliament are being front footed by Grant Robertson.



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  • Gravedodger

    Busy time of the year for shearers trying to get ewes shorn with the immovable date of lambing now set in train some months ago.
    Often having to travel between sheds and shearing small numbers of sheep that are dry enough.

    Then again he may be injured or retired, maybe on maternity leave, so many possible reasons.

    Another possibility, some shearers indulge in scanning at this time in the cycle of productive activities out there in the wealth creation areas.

    Maybe caught a plane to warmer climes with the dairy farmers, resulting from some identity confusion.

    Anyone checked his car boot lately.

  • Johnbronkhorst

    Labour and their buddies in the MSM have been gearing up for weeks for the “massive” protest at Nationals conference, a few Labour MP’s were even staying at sky city. BUT now, after the rediculous and embarrassing turn out, they have to rethink what they are are going to talk about this week……After misreading the mood of people (voters) so badly!

    • Troy

      It was kind of difficult for Liabor to voice their protest at the conference when their friendly ally’s ex-MP, that fucked up bitch Bradford, was there too yelling and screaming – like, who would ever want to be associated with that toxic trash?

  • Neil

    Ergh!! That photo – are they brothers in just brothers in arms……

    • Euan Rt

      Now, now Neil, no need to go there….