White Ribbon Day & Mr B?

Who is Mr B? And will MPs from Mr B’s party wear white ribbons, collect on white ribbon day all while sheltering Mr B in their party?

Domestic violence is not just kicking a door down, screaming matches or threatening to beat the shit out of your missus. Cruel words hurt in a different way to blows, and this horrible behaviour should be stamped out. There is no place in any political party for anyone who carries on like Mr B.


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  • Notrotsky

    Name and shame.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Yes who is it

      • jsrret

        it’s anyone who has ever said a bad word about another living person… if we are going to have laws that tell us what we can say to each other then the government is going to have to come up with a very long list of what we’re allowed to say and what we’re not… some of the comments making fun of cat pause we’re very funny but they would probably make the commenter a criminal in a world where saying mean things is a crime… i don’t like the idea of nz turning into a place like that, seems like cam likes the idea though

  • Jj

    Cam has posted extensively on this,
    If its the same person I am thinking about, pet dogs are involved…

    Also it’s still suppressed by the courts,

    If I’m incorrect I withdraw my comment and apologize

  • Guest

    Bakshi, Banks, Bennett, Borrows, Bridges, Browning, Brownlee?

    • Guest


  • brian.smaller

    What about nagging wives? Surely that is a form of domestic abuse – especially when done over a long time.

    • AzaleaB

       we don’t nag – we educate:)

      • Wayne

        Yes, correct, but in an irritating manner.

      • Blokeintakapuna

        … and isn’t it amazing how much “education” a man needs eh?

        … ever wonder why married men die a lot younger than unmarried men?

        A = because they want to!

      • Phronesis

        Not so Bloke, married men live significantly longer, or at least it feels longer…

      • Notrotsky

        Ta boom.

      • Karlos

        BiT, lay off the Phil Ure juice with your sentence structure, it’s giving me flash backs!

  • Mediaan

    Remember the bash-’em MP who walked across the House and hit a woman MP who had been interjecting?

    From memory, she was called Judy and he was called, um, Shearer, wasn’t it?

    A bit of fuss ensued, but not a huge fuss.

  • nasska

    What a load of crap!  I’ll accept that men resort to physical violence far too often & their superior strength is devastating for many women & the families who witness it.  For verbal abuse women would take gold, silver & bronze any day…..too many of them are carping, whinging nags.

    I’m all for bringing it out into the open but let blame fall where it’s due.

  • Bawbag

    What a farking nanny state when central government believes it can interfere with relationship conversations. Does central government want to issue a glossary of excluded phrases it deems as abuse and who exactly will determine what is and is not an abusive phrase as its individual perception? This kind of bullshit rarely modifies the behaviour of real abusers male or female, they don’t give a shit about the rule of law. Same old crap from useless suits just like the anti-smacking law. 

  • MarcWills

    Sorry but the Race Relations office have already set the bar with comments from Motu and Harawera getting their seal of approval ( white M..f..ers and all that) .

    Can’t go changing the standard now.

  • Right v wrong

    What about the mr b director of a well known brand who beat the shit out of his wife, spent time in the cells and walked because she wouldn’t provide evidence against him ?

  • Tigger NZ

    On this topic Whale normally ignores that it’s usually women who dish out psychological abuse to men, they’re masters at it. Of course it goes the other way as well but men are crap at needling compared to women.

  • Blam

    good god, theres a lot of victims here

  • nzd.gbp

    I think it’s time to stop this denigration of men. This sexist attitude that it’s men who need to be targeted by these campaigns. 

  • Guest12

    Any clues as to who Mr B is?