Why are we wasting money on corporate welfare?

Hawkes Bay Today

Hawke’s Bay companies are leading the way in a high-value programme that has received an $11million government boost and provides opportunities for beef and dairy farmers.

Brownrigg Agriculture Group and marketers Firstlight Foods are producing marbled beef for premium markets in New Zealand and overseas.

Ministry for Primary Industries director-general Wayne McNee yesterday announced funding for the programme through the government’s Primary Growth Partnership.

The partnership has committed $11 million during seven years, for a programme worth $23.7 million.

Hasn’t anyone noticed times are tough? Or thought that National doesn’t believe in subsidies? Or that by giving $11m to some bludging farmers National is open to criticism from the left who can say “National has $11m for its cronies but wants to make poor solo mums go back to work rather than pay them the benefit?”

Crony capitalism is bad. It is worse when the party of free enterprise funds its cronies. And doubly worse when it gives opposition parties a free hit.


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  • baw

    In the days when Hong Kong was a poor little city, there was a British guy running the finance department. I forget his name but once during a recession there was trouble for the hotel sector and they requested help. 

    Help he did give, but then he levied them for the costs. 

    The question is this, is this a once off cost or an on going cost?. 

  • Johno1234

    I don’t care of the government invests in promising private technology startups as long as it gets a return.

    In the case of these grants, is there no shareholding, payback or return of any kind?

  • Will

    It’s a fair point, there is no excuse or need for taxpayer money in farming. Now how about a look at the money government pours into tourism. Last I looked, it was over $130million.

  • Anonymouse coward

    Marbling beef is simply a matter of providing large quantaties of fodder for the animals and watching them pile on the beef; er fat.

  • Andrew5

    Rumor down on the farm is some of the farmers involved were in  need of a handout, whoops  I mean hand up