Why is National Conference in Auckland?

As a card carrying member of National I am thinking about attending the National conference although it is an ultra boring lecture fest where members get little say on anything so unless I am suffering from insomnia I might not bother. If you are into school assemblies you might attend but if you don’t like being told to sit down and shut up it is not very interesting.

This conference could and should have been used for a robust review of the election campaign and the performance of the board. Instead a pathetic 8 page white-wash of a report will be delivered and the board will all back slap themselves on a job well done. No one is allowed to hold dissenting views and the board is moving to alienate and silence critics. Their new form for people wanting to attend the Candidate’s College is laughable. If only the same standards applied to people standing for the board. But that is for another post.

What troubles me is National conferences go in a three year cycle, yet the last conference in Auckland was only two years ago. National has decided to skip Christchurch, just when 700 delegates coming to Christchurch would give the local economy a shot in the arm.

Next year I hope National show a bit more faith in Christchurch and have their conference there. Members should tell the board they expect to be supporting Christchurch by hosting the conference there, even if there is a bit of discomfort caused by the earthquakes.


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  • The Board and the Parliamentary Wing can’t handle the Earth move beneath them metaphorically so how in hell are the meant to cope the Earth moving under them literally…?

    Although cue errr – nah wont cue the pie cart and a certain minister jokes again :/

  • Meg

    Even if Christchurch wasn’t an option because of the quakes there are plenty of other centres in the south island that could have catered for conference. Queenstown, Wanaka, Dunedin, Invercargill, Nelson, the list goes on. 

    • gazzaw

      Aren’t you a labour supporter Meg or are you planning to attend with a recording device?

      It’s a matter of logistics – 700 delegates plus partners requiring first class beds? Not sure that Christchurch could cope yet or even next year, certainly not Wanaka, Dunedin, Nelson or Invercargill. Queenstown is the only SI option.

      • Meg

        Labour party supporter? I think you just made me vomit in my mouth a little bit. 
        Wanaka and Nelson perhaps not but Dunedin is definitely capable although i suspect a lot of the opposition is due to some of the north island members refusing to travel when south islanders have to most years.  Queenstown would be a fantastic conference venue great accommodation and good nightlife. 

      • gazzaw

        Meg my apologies if I sullied your reputation.

        Have it in Queenstown then, there’s never a problem in getting North Islanders to go there.

  • Liberty

    I trust you will be going to the conference  Whale.

    With on the spot. Informed balanced reporting.

    Unlike the Pinkos who report a very selective view.

    • Neil

      Whether they are actually pinkos or are just wearing pink – they just don’t inform – and in any event we get their editors choice of highlights.

  • Cobolt

    Do they have enough beds available in Chch? I was down there for a month in May and motel bookings were essential.

  • Neil

    I can just imagine that lot shacking up under canvas and roughing it, with the odd rattle and roll to keep them awake, food cooked over a camp fire and night time sing alongs, nah couldn’t happen better food and conference facilities in Auckalofa – oh and then there’s K Road – much better – keep it in Auckland.

    • Liberty

       They would be having
      such a good time they wouldn’t be worried about a little inconvenience.

      Which reminds me of attending a nat conference in
      wellington.   (It was in a previous life)

      Talking to a TV reporter. 

      They loved going to  National
      party  conferences.  It was 
      work until 5  then party party.

      Whereas Labour was too busy
       bitching and fighting each other they
      forgot to party.

  • A-random-reader

    Didn’t you resign your National Party membership?

    That’s what you said in an earlier blog post.

  • Mr_Blobby

    The National Party. Gold coin donation and your a member for life.

    • Michael

      Tell me about it, I still get emails two years inviting me to member only events after two years from telling a board member where to stick the party.  Telling the HQ staff to remove me from their mailing list seems to confirm my opinion of the party (dis)organisation.