Why were they even on a benefit?

Linsday Mitchell

Lindsay Mitchell calls this benefit camouflage…I call it stealing from the taxpayer…they had no need for the benefit, even though they were conducting an illegal business.

Here’s a perfect example of people using a benefit as camouflage (albeit not a very successful one). I mean they surely didn’t need the money.

Three solo mothers, one of whom is known locally as “the queen of green” and is seven months pregnant, have been sent to prison for a cannabis operation that netted them up to $340,000 in four months last year for selling “tinnies” from a state house in Napier.

A “tinny” is a small tinfoil-wrapped package containing between 0.6 and 1.2 grams of cannabis, which sells for about $20.
Business was so good during the four months that they sold a $20 tinny every minute and the number of customers so great that their cars would clog up the street…… The four offenders, who are all beneficiaries, appeared for sentencing before Judge Tony Adeane in Napier District Court last week.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Imagine the revenue saved and gained by utilising this herb for the benefit of NZ Inc.

    If only we could get past the hypocrisy where alcohol & tobacco are concerned…

  • gazzaw

    Why were they even on a benefit? A question that only their WINZ manager can answer. Will they be evicted from their state house for carring out criminal activities there?

  • Michael

    IRD needs to investigate them and collect unpaid income tax

  • Harry

    I well imagine business was booming in the Bay. There for work, I walked into a fish and chip shop in Napier on a Sunday evening last March. The place was humming, with one girl taking orders and 3-4 others at the deep fryer and about a dozen customers – all walks of life – male-female-brown-white-ginga-young-old-spoty-overweight-wealthy from the hill-beneficiaries from the flat – were represented in that shop waiting for their Sunday dinner.

    I still swear that I was the only person in there not stoned off my tree -and that includes the people working there – so that was my snapshot of provincial NZ.

    • BevanJS

      You’re possibly just not accustomed to happy provincial folk Harry

      • Phronesis

        To be fair you were in a chip shop. Where else do you go when you have the munchies.

  • AzaleaB

    The issue is…a system full of holes allows for exploitation. The continued tinkering by successive Governments will achieve nothing other than more holes and more abuse of the system. Times have changed and the original purpose and design has not changed accordingly. Take a look at DPB – designed to help unwed mums in dire straits and mums tossed out by tosser dads (broadly speaking). Good dads generally wanted their kids even if they did not want the mother. Society has changed( and not for the good) so now we have dads who think the state should pay for their kids and mums who think the DPB is a lifestyle choice(rather than a last resort.)

    A complete redesign is needed to reflect modern changing attitides, capabilities and values. In particular, it needs to reflect a society that does not drive personal accountability…so dependence on the state is seen a morally acceptable.

    • le sphincter

      Yeah right …puff …harump.
      Not to long ago, the State decided its primary policy was full employment…and yes they achieved it as there was no living off the rest of the world.
       If a country couldnt pay its way  in the world its currency was devalued  till it did. 
      So we made most of the clothes , shoes and everyday items.   New Cars couldnt be  purchased on  time payment and so on.

      • AzaleaB

        Your point? *Yawn*

      • Reitama

        you been smoking the weed again Mr A hole – your ramblings are getting worse.

        AzaleaB good comments – only devalueing going on is from the oxygen stealer

      • Tony

        sounds like the socialist utopia – no freedom – but one has a nothing job and no one’s lifestyle improves.

      • parorchestia

         It was about then that we started getting into the poo since these policies were unsustainable. We borrowed and borrowed and borrowed, saddling ourselves with an unpayable debt. (We never did pay off the North Island’s Maori War debt! We were forgiven it by a grateful Britain as a reward for our WW2 efforts).
        I remember the old wastrels sitting in the sun at the Railways ($300 m per year loss) when it was a department. They did nothing productive but stole fruit and other goodies being transported by that monument to Victorian technology, the Railways Department. That wasn’t full employment Dumbo – it was state welfare. Goods in NZ were limited in variety and very expensive. Food was crap, if you could afford to eat out. All built on borrowing and farmers’ hard work.
        And few in this socialist paradise went to uni.

  • Pin

    Old spink doesn’t have a point very often!

  • unitedtribes

    I dont think we should give anyone a benefit. And maybe encourage people to look after everyone themselves. Would encourage them not to allow bludger immigrants.


    Small town entrepreneurs !

  • Polishpride

    legalise it tax it. Or sell it like Uraguay and the country will be out of debt this time next year :)