Yeah that’ll sell them

Cash-strapped Labour’s latest fundraising drive is the sale of Paid Parental Leave tee-shirts at $25 a pop.

Perhaps they can put that money towards paying for the policy, which Labour itself estimated to cost $150m.

Thankfully for Labour, there’s now bound to be a stampede of people wanting the shirts, given Sue Moroney’s modelling efforts…

I’m not sure this version of the shirt is a winner though…telling us that Labour plans to borrow the $150 million. Great messaging for Labour’s policy. One shirt says we can’t afford it and the other says we need to borrow millions to fund it…way to go Labour.

UPDATE: Some of you haven’t grasped that the shirts have added truthiness statements at the bottom.


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  • In Vino Veritas

    Surely they are kidding? At least under Clarke they filled the party with intellectuals. Looks like Stalin has gotten amongst this lot and kicked all the bright ones to touch……

  • Blokeintakapuna

    The white one might be ok in heavy rain if she wasn’t wearing a bra – otherwise, no redeaming features…

    • In Vino Veritas

      Tho the rain would show her protruding stomach in its best light…….

      • Guest

        is she one of the frontbums JT referred to?

  • thesorrow&thepity

    “please extend paid parental leave… even though we can’t afford it”…. “even though we can’t afford it?!” that Labour would spend the money regardless of the fact “we can’t afford it” (along with countless other spendthrift policies) only shows what complete economic illiterates they are. BBC panorama, life & debt; a greek tragedy. People who support Labour should watch that doco on youtube then take a good hard look at that t shirt! 

  • Harry

    This is a joke right?

    • Blokeintakapuna

      haha – you’d think so. They might manage to sell a few outside kindergarten’s – but what’s the bet Labour end up with cartons of these t-shirts they can’t sell?

      They might sell more if they put on the back of the t-shirts “We have Shearer as our leader because we couldn’t find and agree on anyone else” 

      • thesorrow&thepity

        ‘t-shirts they can’t sell,’  you mean like the warehouse full of unsold ‘the goff father’ prints

  • Sweetd

    Actually, I thought Whale had photoshop’d them already.  FFS, can’t believe that is what they actually say!!!!

    • Random66

      Totally agree Sweetd, I honestly thought WO had photo-shopped them and was having a laugh at their expense. This is just too stupid to believe.

  • Agent BallSack

    Its official. Labour are now the retarded party.

  • Mighty Kites

    If you think they are really then you’re even more stupid than I give you credit for

    • jsrret

      agreed… think someone might be trying to make cameron look like a dick with this one… seems to have worked…

  • toby_toby

    My favourite touch is the silver fern logo, as if this is something to do with national pride.

  • CJA

    Surely this is a piss take.

  • Morgy

    “It’s only $150m more borrowing a year” + “We can’t afford it” !!

    Seriously?……I am not convinced this isn’t a joke yet 

  • Agent BallSack
  • Michaelharford

    They are very well done – they look legit and the message is based on Labour’s genuine position.

  • Ford

    paid parental leave mainly being paid to women..women wanting someone else to support their free ride

  • tarkwin

    Is the top one a bloke? I drink a fair bit, but never enough to make that look good! And that’s before  reading the message on the tee shirt.

  • Johnbronkhorst

    PPL….They will bring in CGT to pay for it……HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • Rwm

    The models are fucking ugly, why not use Darien Fenton?

  • Gaia

    I reckon they are real hot. I’d pay $150 mil !