August 2012

Proof that Mobility Scooters should be banned

In places like Mount Maunganui it is no longer safe to walk the footpaths with the menace that has become the mobility scooter.

An elderly man on a mobility scooter has driven through a glass door.

Emergency services were called to the BNZ bank Mount Maunganui branch about 11.25am today.

A St John spokesperson said the man thought the door was open and as a result, drove straight through the glass door.

Auckland is busy banning Segway, shouldn’t we also ban these dangerous scooters as well.

And where were the Police with this dangerous driving?  This dangerous driver was let go despite smashing a door.  He even got a cup of tea!

He was grateful for the offer of a cup of tea and after a bit of a rest, was keen to carry on with the
rest of his day.”

I brought up this very issue in my previous post about the dangers of mobility scooters.  Concerned residents should lobby the Minister of Banning (and local MP), Simon Bridges, to ensure this madness stops.


Wait a minute. Who is to blame?

A guy fails to stop at a police checkpoint – races off, crashes and dies.

As usual, IPCA investigate.

Media headlines in RNZ and Herald are:

Police criticised for chase before fatal crash


Police breached policy during fatal pursuit

Buried in the Herald story, and of course ignored by RNZ, are the crucial lines:

The report said Mr Yates’ car’s Warrant of Fitness had expired and he had not been wearing a seatbelt at the time. The car also had a manual transmission, but Mr Yates’ license only permitted him to drive automatic vehicles.

Toxicology results showed he was under the blood alcohol limit however there was THC in his blood, indicating he had smoked cannabis before driving.

And the clincher:

Officer A was justified in law and under the fleeing driving policy to take action to apprehend Mr Yates.

Now look at the headlines again. Anything wrong there?


Most NZers believe the Treaty is founding document

Sayit has just released their latest results from their online polling:

  • 24% said that the treaty was a living document which established an ongoing partnership between the Crown and Maori and which needs to be taken into account in most Government policies today.
  • 42% thought instead that it was our founding document which required the Government to protect Maori and redress past grievances, but which has sometimes been taken too far.
  • 31% chose the third option, which was that it as a historical document that has little relevance to New Zealand today.

So that is two thirds that believe the Treaty has a place in New Zealand, with the majority of that believing that while Government need to deal with grievances sometimes it has been taken a bit far.

So much for the Treaty being dead.  It must be time for an Orewa speech… form someone.  May be David Shearer could add that one to his arsenal.

Nice Story To Get Us To The Weekend


The world’s shortest man and woman have met.

I swear the one on the left is still taller than National’s Senior Whip.


Another teacher found guilty of child abuse

This is Graham Andrew Joblin.  He is the monster who has just been convicted of the abuse of boys aged 13-17.  The jury found him guilty on 25 charges relating to 10 victims

He is a former teacher now… but many of his offences occurred when he was a teacher in the 1970s and 1980s.  I wonder when the Teacher’s Council deregistered him?

The man was sentenced on 23 charges: five charges of supplying cannabis to his young victims, and charges of doing indecent acts with the boys, inducing them to do indecent acts, sodomy, sexual violation, and indecent assault. The victims were aged from 13 to 17 years at the time. A jury found him guilty on these charges at the end of a nine-day district court trial.

One victim read his victim impact statement in court and told of being befriended by Joblin and offered a place to stay while he was a vulnerable teenage runaway. He was plied with cannabis and alcohol and felt obliged to provide sexual favours in order to stay there. Some time after refusing these favours, Joblin had raped him.

Another told of being sexually abused by Joblin when he was a pupil at a Wellington school while Joblin was a teacher from the late 1970s to 1981. He said the abuse had ruined his life and he had been emotionally cold and isolated in his relationships. He had poor self-esteem and had been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

Mental Health Break

Veuve Clicquot Robber Now Owns NBR

Veteran publisher Barry Colman has decided to quit publishing for a quieter life at age 65.

While applauding and respecting Barry’s longevity, extreme amounts of wealth and exit strategy I have to say – you left us with Todd Scott? 

Bloggers will remember that it was Colman who gracefully cleaned up Todd Scott’s mess.


From the Granny “H”

Colman told BusinessDesk he had been “in negotiation with Westpac and Todd for a number of weeks on the succession plan. I can’t give you the details of the transaction, but it’s a commercial transaction.”

NBR readership figures show its audience split roughly 50/50 between 52,000 readers of the weekly print edition and some 55,000 monthly unique browsers, an undisclosed number of whom pay subscription fees for access to pay-walled material.

BusinessDesk understands the NBR masthead is carried in the company’s books at a value in excess of $30 million.

Todd Scott has a bit of kissing and making up to do before the Bloggers Union forgives him.


Gina Rinehart Tells It Like It Is – Get out of Pub

Paula Bennett needs to go have a chat in her recess to Gina Rinehart on how to serve it up to her “clients”.

Rinehart’s mines remember pay the large salaries of pretty much the entire state of Western Australia.  She pays for all that filthy money coming back with New Zealand bogans from their FIFO (fly in fly out) jobs.  The resources boom has kept Australia ahead of the recession.

She’s told the whingers to get out of the pub and work harder.    And calls for a lower minimum wage and tax cuts in her latest column.

The controversial mining magnate also attacks Australia’s “class warfare” and insists it is billionaires such as herself who are doing more than anyone to help the poor by investing their money and creating jobs,

Mrs Rinehart also suggests the government should lower the minimum wage of $606.40 per week and cut taxes to stimulate employment.

In her regular column in Australian Resources and Investment magazine, she warns that Australia risks heading down the same path as European economies ruined by “socialist” policies, high taxes and excessive regulation.

Rinehart is known to work all hours and has this blunt message

“If you’re jealous of those with more money, don’t just sit there and complain. Do something to make more money yourself – spend less time drinking or smoking and socialising, and more time working.”

Barry Colman probably quit publishing because he felt like an inadequately resourced tree-hugging socialist reading this.


Was It Mickey Savage?

Someone is trying to set up Trevor Mallard for armed robbery in the UK

An armed robber who raided a betting shop wearing a beak mask could be recognised by his distinctive ‘waddle’ walk.

The gunman – dubbed the ‘beak mask robber’ because of his bright yellow duck disguise – threatened staff with a shotgun, forcing one woman to dive for cover under the counter.

Police described the suspect as between 5ft 7in and 5ft 9in, of medium build with a fair skin tone.

He was dressed in a dark-coloured coat with a hooded top and dark-coloured, fitted trousers, possibly jeans.

He escaped empty-handed, but police are hoping someone will be able to identify the suspect because of his distinctive gait.

They even got the distinctive walk hobble right, 5ft 9 inches I would say and medium to heavy build depending on his Petone pie intake for the week and how often he has managed to get out for some exercise.

Well done to The Standard, Lynn Prentice’s hate blog – great prank in a last ditch attempt to keep Trevor busy before recess so he cannot cause more problems for David Cunliffe.

Some kid slang

A helpful guide for Alternative Education Tutors in modern New Zealand, prepared by some AE students:

All Good: adj Everything is fine. “ It’s all good Miss. “
Bolo: n Samoan word for Paul. “ Bolo is playing touch .“
Bollo: n Testicles, balls “ He kicked my Bollo.”

Bad: adj Awesome. “ That song is bad “
Blaze: v To smoke marijuana. “ He had a blaze last night. “
Butt Roll: n A re rolled cigarette butt. “ He smokes Butt rolls “

Cake :adj Something that is not good. “ That’s really cake Miss. “
Ciggie : n Cigarette “ I need a Ciggie“
Chip-ins: adj Small amounts of money towards a group purchase. “ Who’s got chip-ins today for lunch? “
Crabs: n Description of the Crips gang. “ Don’t wear that colour, this is Crabs territory. “

Dox: n Bro “ Hey Dox. “
Fail: n embarrassing thing. “ Massive fail Bro. “
Fake: n Someone not to be trusted. “ She’s such a fake. “
Feed: n a meal “ Every one chip in so we can buy a feed “
Free-style: adj To do it with no preparation. “ I rapped it free-style Gee “

Gee: n Substitute word for a person’s name or short for Gangster.
“ What do you think Gee? “
Giz: v Give to me. “ Those lollies look Yum, Giz .“
Horsey: adj When a person is drunk. “ I got horsey with my Boys “
Hoha: adj When someone’s annoying. “ Miss, he is being really hoha. “
Hit: v Give me a go. “ I want a hit “
Jokes: adj Just kidding. “ Jokes Miss. “
Lip it: adj To put your mouth on the end of a shared drink.
“ Don’t lip it Bro. “
Legit: adj That’s good. “ It’s Legit. “
Mean: adj Really good “ That was a mean feed Pete “
Mud: adj Ugly “ Your girlfriend is mud.”
Nang: adv No “ Give me a ciggie Gee “ “ Nang, buy your own “
Ning: adv No “ Give it to me .” “ Ning. “
Nuk: adv No “ Give me a taste.” “ Nuk it’s mine.”
R.I.P: adj Describing someone that has passed away. “ R.I.P my Bro. “
Smack: n When people gossip about others. “ Stop talking smack ehoa
Sesh : adj Getting High “ Come to my house for a Sesh “
Skunky : adj Smells strong. “ Gee, use some underarm you’re skunky “
Solid: adj Really good. “ It was solid Gee, I free styled it. “
Sick: adj Awesome, great. “ Your Rap was sick Gee “
Swag: adj Cool, looks good, somebodies style. “ He looked really swag “
Teets: adj When something is bad.
“ It was really teets when he showed up. “
Tu Meke adj Too much. You’re tu meke Bro.”
Yum: adj Yummy, delicious. “ Those biscuits are Yum.”