Chief dog whistler Laws and the Beast of Blenheim

Michael Laws is frothing at the mouth because the Beast of Blenheim is going to be located on prison grounds ten kilometres outside Whanganui. The truth is that Laws and his cronies are trying to regain control of the council from the mayor who, while pissed off, has been rather sensible.

We know now that Whanganui was chosen because none of the Beast’s victims live near there.

But the comments of Laws and those who respond to his dog-whistling are a bit rich.

A certain Lloyd McIntosh is being housed on prison grounds in Christchurch.
He’s there because Corrections and the Parole Board couldn’t place him near his victims in – you guessed it – Whanganui.

So it seems Laws is happy for Christchurch to put up with Whanganui’s scum – but doesn’t want the same thing happening in his back yard.  Care for his community or political opportunism?


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  • Brian Smaller

    The problem is lack of consultation. Same noise would have been made no matter where he was housed – and that is understandable. Still, in five years his parole will be over and he will be able to live where ever he wants. I still don’t see why a community of like minded souls cannot be established on, say, the Auckland Islands.

    • Lion_ess

      Great idea

    • GregM

      They have already. Pitcairn Island, he would fit in well.

  • Interesting that you mention Lloyd McIntosh WO; another dangerous sex offender. McIntosh’s case is proof that a determined, rat-cunning criminal can still offend whilst under an extended supervision order.

    This Guest Post by David Garrett at Farrar’s place gives a bit more background:

  • nasska

    Leaving aside Michael Law’s grandstanding & the relatively understandable nimbyism of the locals perhaps a discussion over introducing a ‘sex offenders register’ is overdue. In England & parts of the USA a person convicted of a sex crime has to advise his/her new neighbours of the fact & register with the local police.

    Given the very high recidivism rates of these creeps I suggest that the safety of women & kids vastly outweighs any feel good waffle about reintegration into society.

    • redeye

      I have no issue with a register but why limit it to just sex? Surely murder and child abuse are at least equally repugnant as sex abuse?

      • nasska

        You could well be right over the issue of abuse but murders are usually a one off crime & few go on to reoffend in the same way. In any case the registers exist as warnings to those on which an offender may prey in the future…..not as part of the punishment for the original crime.