A Competition all Schools should run

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The wowsers are up in arms again…this time over a “Best Dressed Possum” competition…just look at the joy on those kids faces and the creativity used ti presenting all the entries.?Fantastic?stuff really. Except the usual suspects are moaning about “respecting” a dead pest, vermin even and wrecking the fun these kids had.

Good on Uruti School, well done.

A Taranaki school is defending its Pig Hunt fundraiser after being labelled ‘sick’ for holding a best-dressed possum competition.

Photos of dead possums dressed in dolls clothes sparked huge debate?when they were published on the Taranaki Daily News.

The online story received more than 100 comments with the majority saying the competition was a sad reflection on Uruti School.

“Teaching kids that killing then dressing up the dead bodies of animals as a form of entertainment is one of the sickest things I’ve seen,” one comment read.

An online poll asking whether a best-dressed possum competition was over the top received more than 400 votes.

About 57 per cent said it was inhumane, while 43 per cent said it was harmless fun.

The SPCA have also voiced their concern with the event saying it was disappointing.

“The SPCA’s focus is on teaching children respect and empathy for animals and they didn’t do that,” spokeswoman Jackie Poles-Smith said.

“Animals deserve respect even after death.”

But Uruti School principal Pauline Sutton said the event was fantastic and the school had only received positive feedback.