A Dodgy Frenchman

No surprise here. The head frog was trying to use what Kissinger called the greatest aphrodisiac to his advantage.

In Entre deux Feux (Between Two Fires), out on Wednesday , the journalists Anne Rosencher and Anna Cabana lay bare how he is at least partially to blame for the obsessive jealousy of his current partner Valérie Trierweiler.

“François has a part of the responsibility in the incredible jealousy of Valérie. He likes women. He looks at them. It’s very nerve-wracking for Valerie,” said an old friend of Mr Hollande’s.

His new missus has got the shits with him for being a man. The frogs are supposed to be a whole lot more liberal than the rest of us, but it looks like they don’t like their president not having his missus under control in public.

The tipping point was in June when Miss Trierweiler tweeted her support for a rival running  for election against Miss Royal. She fired the tweet from the Elysée after a phone row with Mr Hollande from separate rooms in the palace.

That “opened the door to the president’s bedroom”, the authors write. It was the “ultimate transgression”, far greater than any committed by Mr Sarkozy’s influential second wife Cecilia.

A brutal statement that will piss off the pinkos and feminists.

Mr Hollande’s reaction was surprisingly “calm” and “cold”. “She is irresponsible”, he is said to have muttered. But his failure to keep her in check has damaged his political authority and “when Valérie Trierweiler loses the plot, François Hollande’s responsibility is in question,” the authors write.


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  • conwaycaptain

    Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!!!