A Good Judge, Ctd

New Zealand needs more good judges, like Judge Tony Adeane:

Alan Mantell, 19, last month pleaded guilty to five charges of wilful damage in relation to tags he had made around Napier earlier this year.

He tagged power boxes, toilet blocks, bus shelters and other structures including Napier City Council property. The council sought reparation of $12,930.

Mantell also pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis, which was found when police searched his house on April 5.

He had no previous convictions but police had given him a formal caution for earlier tagging.

When he appeared before Judge Adeane in Napier District Court on Tuesday the judge put him in custody until yesterday.

Looking a little sheepish after three nights in the cells, Mantell was not spared from the judge’s wrath yesterday.

When Mantell’s lawyer Leo Lafferty handed the judge some judgments for similar offending, Judge Adeane asked what use they would be “when I am known as an eccentric, idiosyncratic and some people say excessive sentencer of taggers?”

He had mixed fortunes with some of his harsher sentences of taggers, he said. Some had been upheld on appeal while others had been overturned.

He said he would like to sentence Mantell to three months’ prison for each of the 54 tags he made.

“Because as you know, we don’t like taggers around here and our modest efforts have seemed to produce a bit of a result compared to other places.”


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  • Dumrse

    We will send our Judge to Jaffa Land when the tagging stops in Napier.

  • Euan.Rt

    I sure hope Mrs judge is fertile, we need him breeding.

  • grandstream

    Maybe Helen Kelly will see an angle to protest this as well ? Or Sue Bradford ? The broken windows policy worked in New York, it can work ehere….

  • MB

    All we need to do is hang a couple of taggers, and NZ will become graffiti free. But oh no, we are not allowed to do things like that :-( SO I think humiliation is the key. Dress them up in clown outfits, and make them walk around town cleaning up their mess. These vile beasts will not be so staunch in a clown suit. And free public entertainment.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Spin it however you want – it’s called vandalism.
    Vandals caught deliberately vandalising someone else’s property fully deserve being chased down , beaten (and maybe even stabbed) – the fuckers don’t deserve any respect if they can’t respect someone else’s own property.
    Put them in stocks over a weekend. Publically humiliate them – allow the public to throw rotten fruit at them, humiliate them, name them in the papers – show their faces – get these young, bored individuals growing a spine out of the humiliation and hopefully they’ll start learning about the inherant social contract we all have when living in a community. Name their family and Iwi in a roll call of shame if needed…
    Shame them into submission I say – trouble is.. they most likely already vote Labour,Greens or Mana Party – if they’r old enough – and wouldn’t know shame if it smacked them between the eyes – but that’s what the public stocks and public humiliation are for…

    • thor42

      We ***should*** bring back the stocks! I’m 100% serious.

      Public humiliation of offenders has almost **completely** disappeared now. The only example I can think of is the naming of drunk-drivers in the papers (and even that is not exactly THAT public). There is NOTHING like up-front full-on shaming and punishment (a-la the stocks) to make a scumbag think twice about doing it again.

  • Phar Lap

    Seems the Red/Greens beat the system in graffiti and sign destruction.Obviously the Red/Greens are the role models for graffiti sickos.Wonder what was the outcome of the partners of Red/Greens Aussie wetback Norman’s Secretary,who were outed for doing up to $75000 dollars worth of damage to electoral campaign signs.Seems there has been a cover up on the Red/Green army of sign destroyers.

  • Neil

    Napier courts are totally fucked up – prison for tagging (ok it was only three days) but home detention for breaking your baby’s legs.