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The Telegraph

Lots of Pommy aid goes to India. Who have aircraft carriers, but can’t feed their people. So the Poms are borrowing a Frog aircraft carrier and feeding the Indians?

Not sure how that works:

The Prime Minister was taking part in a phone-in on LBC radio when a caller who identified herself only as “Anna” accused him of sending money abroad which should be spent on treating sick patients in this country.

The Government currently spends £12 billion on overseas aid, an increase of 37 per cent at a time when most departmental budgets are being cut.

Anna told Mr Cameron that she suffered from non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and that a drug she needs is available in Germany but not in Britain.

The 68-year-old from north London, who did not give her full name because she said some of her family members did not know of her condition, had been a full-time carer for her husband, but he was forced to move into a nursing home when she was unable to look after him.

She needs the expensive drug because she had an allergic reaction to the usual medication used for her condition.Mr Cameron said that he would look at Anna’s individual case, but insisted that Britain had a “moral obligation” to abide by its promises on foreign aide. He said: “Breaking promises to the poorest people in the world would not be the right thing to do.”He added that if Third World countries were not given help to feed their poorest people, then the result could be warfare or mass migration, which could affect the United Kingdom.


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  • le sphincter

    THat wouldnt happen here- an aggrieved taxpayer getting through to the PM.

    The only question they could ask here is : which Eagles song to you want him to play !

    Key only goes online or on air with his media goons  with their fingers on the off switch

    • Kiwidon


      • Mr_Blobby

        No true.
        Politicians don’t really want transparency and accountability.

    • guest

      I’m just stumped as to why you post on here, living amongst people that you truly despise must be hard work or do you like wallowing in your misery everyday?

      • ToTheRightOfGenghis

        Fool, haven’t you worked out by now our cheese eating surrender monkey is WO’s alter ego. The big guy’s just taking the piss and using le pleasure hole to stimulate a bit of debate

      • Mediaan

        He enjoys it. We are real people, and by rubbing up against us he gets a little vicarious life. Very quiet and grim, living among religious thugs and liars.

        Sfink, I am giving a HEYUGE party in, um, September (um) (let me work it out) 2016, to mark something and you are invited.

    • Gazzaw

      BS spink. Ever heard the comparisons drawn by media people between Key and your departed Dear Leader? Key has no hovering media goons. For instance he turns up at ZB with a DPS guy to do an hours uncensored talkback whereas Klarkenfuhrer did a pre-scripted Q&A session & spent all of the ad breaks consulting with her little army of advisors.

      You tell some terrible fucken lies spink.  

      • ToTheRightOfGenghis

        I checked into a hotel in Hokitika last year just after JK and Prince William had been trhough. They told us JK sat at the front desk for a while and helped out, no minders..Just a regular guy it seems

    • Travis Poulson

      I long for the day we find your off switch. 

  • Mediaan

    People aged 68 have got a cheek expecting the run of ordinary taxpayers to fund expensive drugs for them. Far too old.

    Aged 40, with dependent children, different story. 45, getting marginal. 50, definite cut off point. Don’t run to the taxpayer.

    Save up for such stuff when you are a worker, or just shut up and die, you boring woman. If you had lived 20 years earlier, or been Sudanese, you wouldn’t have got it either. Get over it.

    • Gazzaw

      So Mediaan are you suggesting that at 68 I am too old to receive drugs from the state? I pay $30k+ annually in income taxes alone and have medical insurance to cover my run of the mill med expenses. On that basis could I have the health part of my taxes deducted? We all know the answer to that as my taxes are required to pay out the bennie’s health costs.

      I’ll be interested in your opinions when you hit 50.

      • Mediaan

        (1) Yes. (2) What a fool you, paying those slimy toads in health insurance anything. As soon as you get old or sick, they will bump your charges up till you resign. (3) We all need to fight to lower those thug medical and drug taxes (which is what I am doing in my previous comment).

        Plaudits to you for still paying significant taxes. Well done. I retired many years ago, but I still pay a lot too much in taxes, like you (not as much as you when I last checked).

  • Napalm in the Morning

    Interesting to see they have a moral obligation to a country that spends a fortune on military and nuclear technology to help their poor.! WTF . Thats about as pathetic as NZ still giving Indonesia assistance or have we stopped that?