ACC Privacy Breach Overview – What Was Sent To Bronwyn Pullar

Forget about the tripe the mainstream media are feeding you, I have had a review commissioned of my own of the KPMG Independent Review & Auditor-General’s report and as time will allow will summarise some important points the media have missed out because they suck every word up a recidivist exploiter of insurance companies has told them via her new best friend Phil Kitchin.

For background read Jock Anderson’s excellent work on uncovering the scam pulled on Sovereign Insurance in an attempt to extort encourage $14 million from them by using the media, in particularly this letter and read alongside.

The mainstream media need to put in a bit of time now their busy Thursday is over and actually read both these reports after they’ve taken off their rose-tinted glasses because a critical analysis says a very different thing to what they are publishing and repeating.  Yes ACC are tits (and should be privatised) but in this case the “client” is a manipulative schemer and the reports are not as damning and conclusive as you read in the papers Thursday churnalising the summaries and reporting on the boring processes.  What about the detail?

This post outlines (just how little) “sensitive” data was sent to Bronwyn Pullar.  This is what kicked it all off.  All the data showed was that you were a client of ACC’s.  And this is New Zealand’s most serious breach of privacy? Hardly.  The redacted columns are showed here at Appendix 5 of the Independent Review.

Yes that is right – NO real details of the claim.  No gory personal age, weight, height or bra size.  THIS is what all the fuss has been about.  A persons name and claim number and the outcome of the case.  NO further information.  Repeated over and over.  The only remotely damaging detail is “Sensitive Claims” written at Table 4 for the few people who are sexual abuse or assault victims.  No details of their cases appears to be in the data however.  This was severely overplayed.

The Independent Review team explain the data themselves in the Appendix 5

The Independent Review actually concludes Pullar made out that she had more information than there actually was as she was gloating to the ACC Managers.

“conditions” and “details” – ughm where?  The redacted information above? Hello?

The report even states the damage was for “limited personal information”. Very limited by the looks.

Mainstream media need to first look precisely at what data was sent to Bronwyn Pullar and how bad this breach actually was?  In effect it is a client list without any explanation or information as to what the client is with you for.  The report itself said “limited personal information”.

A client who is very often hobbling or off work so very easily detected by friends and neighbours if say, oh I don’t know, hanging out on a roof doing some painting at night?

Or in Pullar’s case – she had no privacy expectation as she already had told the world her problems with ACC and Sovereign.



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  • Macca

    It’ll be a cold day in hell before we can expect any for of accurate and non-sensational reprting from 95% of the MSM!
    Question: What union do all these media people belong to? I suppose the answer would dictate on which side their true allegiances lie! How can you truthfully criticise the left when you pay money to belong to them?

  • nasska

    Wait on….let’s back up the truck!

    ….”The Independent Review actually concludes Pullar made out that she had
    more information than there actually was as she was gloating to the ACC

    So at this point the incompetents who run ACC hadn’t or couldn’t check back their records to find out what had been sent & call her bluff. Pullar played them for what they are.


    • CJA

      I read the same thing nasska. Did anyone think “Hang on we’ve got a major problem here can someone check what the hell we emailed to her?”. Wouldn’t think it would be too hard (although might be time consuming) searching through your email database to get a grasp on the problem.

      • AnonWgtn

        Probably could not find who sent it to her !!!

        • Anonymous

          Report shows Pullar did everything he could to alleged everything under the sun. If I interviewed someone who said they had this I would think they were spinning. Badly. She never produced the dull list until after Kitchins article from what i could read in there. Including 2 months break.

    • le sphincter

      The data release was only one of about 40 incidents in Pullars list of ACC bullshit/lies/crimes.

      As well we have found the Board told Collins lies as well, regarding some details of Pullars . The managers who met Pullar did tell more senior people including the company secretary yet the Board told Collins the info didnt move up the food chain.

      Of course Collins has cleaned out Nick Smiths choices for the Board, which is where the real culprit lies.- on the National backbench for a little bit longer, maybe forever if Key has his way. But Smith has the trump card of an bye election if he is thwarted

  • le sphincter

    So YOU now have the data as well !

    Looks like an ACC black ops push back, using a blogger, like Ports of Auckland did – illegal as well

    • le sphincter

      oops bit of a blood rush here, the report is of course public info

      • Gazzaw

        It may well be public info Spink but its kind of strange how much time you seem to have to look at these issues. Could almost be a vocation for you.

      • pukakidon

        Once again arse boy is found lying.

    • I’m about over your smears. I’ll review you other comments and assess whether or not you need a holiday.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you click on the links you idiot. Then you could follow what is posted on this blog a wee bit better.

  • Tamati

    It would appear that you could get as much or more personal information from a phone book or the electoral role…

  • Tamati

    electoral rolll

    • le sphincter

      so he the ER has info on whether you have a ‘sensitive’ claim with ACC ?
      These are not broken leg claims !

  • Auto_immune

    Thank you Whale for continuing to cover this. I was getting a bit exasperated with the coverage the MSM was providing with this.

  • Neil

    Surely this is why the phrase Repeater has been coined for the MSM – they just edit and print the media release by whoever handed out the document – you don’t expect them to actually read the report and edit it themselves….??