An idea for Anne Tolley

This is the prison in Suva…it doesn’t look very accommodating but the government has wisely obtained some corporate sponsorship for it…The Vodafone Suva Corrections Centre…enjoy your stay:


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  • Staffy

    Speaking of jail, whatever happened to Matt Blomfield? There were weeks of detailed posts. So much talk of incriminating evidence. So many predictions of impending doom. Did it all come to nothing? Did no one actually care?

    • A number of people cared very much indeed.

      • p1llock

        Will there be any more posts about Matt Blomfield ? or have you been legally silenced ? I loved the way you dug up the clusterfuck of bad decisions he made. The scumbag needs to be held accountable .

  • Bogan

    With all the reality crap on our TV shows how come they don’t stream Mt Eden 24/7 on some channel. All the soap dropping fun, I’d bet youth offending would plummet.

  • Patrick

    We could have the “killa bees corner”, “Mongrel Mob Maze”, “Black Power Base” all sponsored by Triad Methamphetimine, Northland Dope,

  • Troy

    Seems like a comfy place to send the Beast of Blenheim.