Angry Bird

Angry Birds was Phil Goff’s favourite game during the election and now I think it should be the nickname for Trevor Mallard after his little outburst in the house last night. Obviously still smarting from his “Banks Spank” at question time he reacted quite irrationally.

Mallard plays this churlish little game and purposively mis-pronounces Jami-lee Ross’ name. He got pulled up by the Chairman last night and then chaos ensued as Jami-lee Ross stood and said he didn;t take offence at Angry Bird not remembering his name, he realises that Angry Bird has early onset demetia.

What you see next is 5 minutes of vein popping anger…looks like his anger management classes need to be retaken.

Of course Angry Bird forgets that he is 58 and clearly an older New Zealander, and hypocritically after just attacking Jami-lee Ross for disrespecting older New Zealanders sets about disrespecting John Banks who at 65 is older than Angry Bird.

Poor old Angry Bird…after sticking up for Jacinda repeatedly last week, and for Clare Curran today they left him adrift to be out sledged by the youngest National backbencher.

Louise Upston gets up him later with a lsedge mentioning his “Banks Spank” on question time…before he gets onto trying to have a go at Judith Collins.

He really needs to get his anger sorted….otherwise “Angry Bird” is going to stick


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  • Pete George

    When he wasn’t angry he spoke very hesitantly, didn’t seem flow naturally.

    He certainly has a raw nerve about age – but hypocritally acted offended about a dig at his age and memory and then attacked Bankls for age and memory problems. And he said (of Louise Upton) “that member is a shocker on occasions”.

    Mallard does seem to be have a bit of an age complex, it’s interesting how he words his Facebook ‘About’:
    “Keen to engage with friends, people from Wainui & Hutt or interested in Hutt stuff, sport or politics. Bias to young people.”Odd. He doesn’t seem to like a much younger than him Jami-lee Ross. His repeat criticisms of someone’s name makes him sound like a spiteful old flapper.

    • WayneO

      Biased to young people because he wants to have sexual intercourse with them. 

      • MrV

         or sell them tickets?

  • James Stephenson

    I think you’ve got the wrong picture for this post…I think Trev’s one of those black birds that explode when you tap them.

  • Bob

    What a sad old pathetic git he has become. Time for him to STFU and PO.

    • Troy

      But the labour people just love him – they think it’s wonderful that he behaves this way… well he’ll end up a lonely old sad man when eventually retires and will fade away into oblivion where people remember only his nasty side more than any other achievements he may have made… how can someone like this actually enjoy their life?

  • Macca

    I can’t believe we actually pay this clown!  In his pea sized brain,  does he seriously think he is clever or doing good for his fellow man?

    And the media actually believe this party is a viable alternative to National?  Give me strength!

  • Actually “Angry Bird” is probably copywrited. But “Angry Duck” might not be…

    • maigret

       Maybe Angry Dick would be better

  • Dr Wang

    With respect, I don’t think Jami-Lee Ross’ guess at Trev suffering from early onset dementia is correct.

    I’ve witnessed the same behaviour on many occasions when pre-dementia old men over-indulge with the use of Viagra, masking the frustration and self-hate they experience that they are unable to “perform” without chemical enhancement.

    If Trev was to cut back on his use of the little blue triangles, he may return to lower safer stress levels – and hopefully we will all be able to enjoy his Parliamentary participation for many years to come.

  • gazzaw

    As many ands, ums and ahs as Curran & Shearer. Is Trev the labour speech coach?

    What a prat.

  • le sphincter

    John Banks  memory loss saved him from  being charged with a crime that carries a 2 year jail sentence.
    Is their a cartoon character for that ?

    • gazzaw

      Must be catching spink. Maybe Banksy caught his amnesia from Trev when he had that memory fade over his Trade Me activities. Maybe Dr Wang’s comments are right on the button.  

    • Mike Hunt

      don’t forget the helping hand provided by labour/trev’s legislation

      • le sphincter

        What helping hand ?, there were two offences, only the minor one  was out of time. The major one  with the two year term wasnt time limited

      • Mike Hunt

        who said anything about time limited?

        the law “is an ass” was John Key’s summation

      • le sphincter

        law is an ass ? really

        More likely is that Banks is a criminal- what comes around goes around if you know anything about his childhood

      • gazzaw

        A low blow even for you l’arsehole. Low enough hopefullt for WO to bar you.

      • le sphincter

        Banks has previously said his parents ‘were known to police’
        Banks  was investigated for a criminal offence that carried a two year sentence ?

        Which of these is not correct

      • gazzaw

        Banks has been far more specific about his father’s criminal past than ‘being known to the police’ – he has never hidden that nor his own troubled teenage years. Makes your insinuations somewhat grubby & not worthy of this blog but then that isn’t too surprising given your links. 

      • In Vino Veritas

        Schpink. the Police found that there was a case to answer in the case of the Helen Clark painting forgery and she got to continue as Prime Minister. The whole Labour cabinet was culpable with regard to the theft of $800,000 of taxpayers money. A good few of them are still in parliament.  In the Labour examples above, the police found that there was in fact, a case to answer, but decided to not press ahead. In Banks’ case, the police found no case to answer.
        Who isare the criminal(s) here?

      • Bafacu

        attn: le bottom – how about the part where you state that John Banks is a criminal – that correct (please provide the link to his conviction!)???  More rubbish from the poster with the worst record of “truth” on this blog.

    • axeman

      And you are still an ARSEHOLE  le chutney chute. Va te faire enculer

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Whatever Sphincter – if I had snotted a colleague in the confines of my workplace i would have been charged with assault.

  • Johnbronkhorst

    Well that confirms it…the man is a complete pratt!!!

  • Salacious T Crumb

    For Sphincter et al, I have compiled a personality inventory of Trevor Mallard:

    Glibness and Superficial Charm
    Manipulative and Conning,
    Grandiose Sense of Self
    Pathological Lying
    Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
    Shallow Emotions
    Incapacity for Love
    Need for Stimulation
    Callousness/Lack of Empathy
    Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
    Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity
    Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility

    Coincidentally this happens to be almost identical to the personality traits associated with sociopaths. Funny that.

    • Dave

      He will fit in very well in Invercargill. 

      • Travis Poulson

        Shows how much you know about the southerners. Sweet fuck all. 

      • Dave

        In Reply to Travis.   

        I know enough about Invers to comment Travis.  A very insular bunch, much prefer to deal and support their own, consider anyone not from Invers, or have lived there less than 10 years an outsider.   Some really nice and bloody good people there, but very insular and somewhat resistant to change.  I have been going to invers since 1982, on average every month, and for up to a week at a time, and have many relatives there.  Best eatery is Kings, worst part is the pubs being run by the trust, cant buy a bottle of wine after 8.30pm.  I stand by my comments Travis.  

        Now back to the topic.  Farewell Trevor, don’t bother sending a postcard occasionally, we wont miss you.

        • Ross

          Shows you know bugger all about Invercargill then Dave and if you consider Kings to be the best in town, that says a lot about you. Old fashioned, cold and possibly painted a shade of Blue that was all the rage in 1976.
          We need Mallard and his Dunedin crew here, like a hole in the head. They’re only making a fuss down South to ensure the hopeless Lesley Soper doesn’t screw it up again for them. We don’t want him – and he’d fit in like a round peg after axing the local schools… I think he’s forgotten about that. Looks like he’s gone anyway and now the Labour lefties from Dunedin are prancing about using the firms cars… are you from Dunedin perhaps David? I hear McDonalds there is just lovely…. we must do a Frappo’ one day

    • Mostlyharmless

      Pretty accurate except for the superficial charm bit. He has no charm. 

  • Scanner

    Just two words Fuck and Wit.

  • Suckmyballsmrmallard

    Trev’s clearly been fisted up the cak by Darien one too many times and it’s pushed him over the edge into la la land.

  • Steve and Monique

    After all that..what was the point of his ramblings??? I forget! Even the buzzer wanted him to stop. Or is that the last call for alcohol?!

  • Steve and Monique

    how about Grumpy Cock?

  • Angry bird – love it….can see the resemblance too….didn’t realise until now what a big beak he is….wonder if that’s because he lies so much? Dementia or just lying so much he cant keep track? 

  • gazzaw

    Seriously, something set him off down a strange meandering path. Maybe he is on medication as he certainly did not appear to have all of his cognitive powers together.  

  • Travis Poulson

    All I can say is there must some clueless voters in Hutt South electorate. 

    • Phronesis

      The majority of them apparently.

      • Majority are probably low soci-economic…..we are talking about Wainuiomata after all! And well, we all know those who put their hand out the most like those most likely to put something in it. 

  • Pukakidon

    I think the silly old duffer has a case of dementia.    It might be time for Mallard to retire, he is no longer contributing anything of any substance.

    • Bafacu

      When did he???

    • Dave

      Ah Pukakidon, your statement assumes he has at some point contributed something…….

      Can you please let me know what it was he contributed of any substance ???

      • gazzaw

        Regular ads on Trade Me?

    • Pukakidon

       Ahhh Yes, I knew that was coming

      However we should thank the likes of Mallard in an odd sort of way.   If he and his likes were not in the Labour party they may well have been more successful at the last election, and possibly gained more than the 30%.

  • Whafe

    Unbelievable is all I can say, this Duck is paid by our hard earned taxes… What a disgrace….

    • Dave

      Exactly Whafe.  All MP’s need to remember their salaries are paid by Taxpayers.   They are after all PUBLIC SERVANTS.

      • Whafe

        It seems that a good many MP’s forget this Dave…

        How can they not view the crap that is shown to us on You Tube and not feel like complete imature idiots… It is shocking..

        Makes me more wild & embarrased that these MP’s are elected to run our country…

        Trevor Mallard, you should be utterly embarrassed by your childish performance over the past 2 days….

      • Dave

        IN reply to Whafe.   Agree completely, but with Trev Mallard, its just water of the ducks back.   He just doesn’t care.

  • MrV

    I think even Trevor forgot what the f*ck he was talking about.5mins+ is particularly painful.