Another Tour

Labour is launching yet another ‘heartland reconnection‘ tour.

This is the latest attempt by the Labour strategic masterminds to come up with an excuse for their Leader’s invisibility, so they’re banishing him to the regions for a “heartland” tour.

“Labour leader David Shearer is leading a charge in to the regions, as the party seeks to recover support outside the big centres”

By my count, this is the 6th regional tour by Labour since it has been in Opposition.

The theory must be that if it didn’t work the first five times, the sixth time is the charm.

And I’ve also discovered that Shearer’s big ‘heartland’ speech tomorrow isn’t even to a Labour audience (they must’ve been worried no one would turn up), it’s to a Pipfruit conference!

Labour ‘tours’ more than The Shadows…and given Shearer’s invisibility perhaps that is what they should call this tour.

2012 – Organisational Review Tour

2012 – Shearer’s summer ‘Reconnection’ tour

He promised to travel the country to listen to what New Zealanders wanted from Labour.

2011 – Leadership Roadshow

2010 – Axe The Tax bus tour:

2009 – Grassroots tour:

“They want to reconnect with so-called ‘grassroots’ New Zealand.”


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  • Phar Lap

    Shearer seems to be a one trick pony and is loving it.Seems to me he keeps playing the same old tune on his Guitar.”Only the Lonely” nothing wrong with that,except he gets a thousand dollars a day for playing it.Beats working for a living,even though he has been malingering on the job since he was first employed..

  • Joe Bloggs

    Shearer is the best thing that’s happened to National since Goof – long may his reign as leader continue.

    But enough of the  Kumbaya roadshows already – if Shearer wants to reconnect with the  party faithful then he should pick up the phone and call them… shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to call the half-dozen remaining.

  • Doug

    should install Phone Boxes on Street corners and hire them out to Labour. The
    number of tours Labour do the rent will pay the expense of installation.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Thank the Lord Almighty that the Labourers chose Sheep Shearer as their leader. Hopefully they will face a crushing defeat in 2014 and the very thought of another 3 years in the opposition should dismantle the looney Greens. Please people, don’t ever let these lunatics come near power…..they will ruin this beautiful country with their crazy tax and spend ideas.

  • Gazzaw

    At least he’ll come in handy for the singalongs on the Big Red Bus.

  • Sean_kearney

    Oh yes and John Keys is very willing to front up to the media and the public-NOT. I’m no fan of Labour but lets not be hypocritical here, they are both as bad as each other. 

  • Markm

    The Daily Telegraph have article about Freddie Mercurys psychic powers.
    He wrote a song called the ” invisible Man” in the 80s and at the time no one knew where the inspiration came from.

    A band member has now confirmed that the lyrics ” I’m the Invisible man I’m the Invisible man Incredible how you can see right through me” we’re written about the career of a UN man called David Shearer and his subsequent career culminating in his leadership of the NZ Labour part in ” opposition”

  • Tony

    Maybe he’s playing “the Gambler”………..know when to walk away. know when to run…………

  • Lion_ess

    The Wiggles have a couple of vacancies

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