Arise Sir David Cunliffe?


Before he bends over and takes it too firmly up the chook from an Invisible Man and colleagues who have run to Duncan Garner to tell tales, David Cunliffe should take some heart from an observation.

The last Labour MP who plotted an unsuccessful coup against the  (much stronger) Leader not only ended up Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister but was given a Knighthood by a National government.


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  • Travis Poulson

    The twerp tweeted, what a twit. The twat with a tickler needs a shave.

  • Lion_ess

    Didn’t Chris Carter also mount an unsuccessful coup of sorts?

    • Anonymous

      He was sent to Kabul for the best job he would ever have. Still not seeing a downside.

      • DRHILL

        He came back, that’s a pretty big downside.

      • Pin

        No downside but plenty of backside!

  • Wallsingham

    Why the angst, children. Not the bogeyman? Fear of the dark? No? Name substitution still comes up premonition of brains, knows the land, not riding a donkey but not so silently “bds”ed by pygmies. Watch this space.

  • le sphincter

    Dont get too comfortable my pretties, this is your life once in opposition.

    Remember Williamsons shafting of English as leader at every opportunity,
    that Rakaia guy who reminded everyone that Don Brash had no clothes on.
    Then there was Nick Smiths glorious reign as Deputy…until it was all too much for both sides of his face.
    Then there was in government when we had fun when Hide shafted Key as a lazy twit , ‘asleep at the wheel’, and of course Joyce returned the favour and put a horse head in his bed ( Hide is still lucky to get work as a day labourer…wonder why ?)

    • Wallsingham


  • parorchestia

    What line is he referring to? The start line, the finish line, or the party line?