Banks v Mallard Gets Very Personal

This from HoS Spy (not available online) yesterday.

It would be funny if indeed John Banks was having a little joke at Trevor Mallard’s expense carrying his own duck caller around.  I wonder who will be the first in the media to call Banksy’s cellphone when in the same room and verify the suspicion.

Because it could be any number of people I guess including David Cunliffe.  Nothing would surprise me if the entire Camp Cunliffe turned up at Labour caucus to the ring tones of the duck call now.

Meanwhile Trevor was busy this weekend with his head down in his own think tank strategy session dreaming of new ways to get traction for Labour after their Weekus Horribilis.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    unlike mallard…banksie seems to have a sence of humour….the duck is just plain nasty.

  • le sphincter

    Which MP hasnt been in the US looking for a new job ?

    I suppose this is some news you can stand by, when of course your ‘unknown’ MP is more likely to have a Sky City pokie ringtone on his phone- as it seemed to payout big time for some who was totally opposed to pokies

    • It is a fact that Jones has been in the US.

    • Joe Bloggs

      Missed you during the weekend l’Haemorrhoid, what’s the matter Willis Street cutting back on the overtime?

      • Gazzaw

        Overtime at the Stranded maybe?

      • le sphincter


        • Gazzaw

          How’s the sphincter?

          • le sphincter

            Which one ?

        • Joe Bloggs

          L’onanisme peut être??

    • Paulus

      Thought it was Cunliffe’s secret, so how do you know ?

      • Neil

        It ain’t no secret here in Wellie….

  • AnonWgtn

    Sounds Quackers to me !