Beast can only live at prison


The Beast of Blenheim is to be released but only to a house within site of Whanganui Prison. Personally I think he should have been taken for a long walk off a short pier, but he does have 17 conditions he must comply with.

He isn’t allowed a car and the prison is over 10km from town, plus he will be chipped with GPS like the dog he is:

The serial sex offender dubbed the Beast of Blenheim will live in a house on Whanganui Prison property and will be electronically monitored when he is released from prison in the coming weeks.

Stewart Murray Wilson, 65, is due to be released from Christchurch’s Rolleston Prison on September 1 after serving 18 years for a catalogue of sexual and violent crimes against women and girls over the two decades leading up to his sentencing in 1996.

The Parole Board last month imposed an extended 10-year supervision order on Wilson and he will be 78 when his supervision ends in 2025.

The Board announced today that Wilson is being compelled to live on Whanganui Prison property and within view of the prison in a house yet to be built.

The Board says it believes it has no alternative in the interests of safety.

On his release Wilson will remain under strict conditions imposed by the Parole Board which will be in force for three years.

He will become the first paroled child sex offender to be tracked by GPS.


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  • Terminate Filth

    Juts kill him and feed him to the pigs.

  • It’s good to hear the parole board taking their job seriously.

    • Troy

      I wonder what the criteria is to become a parole board member – seems that are inadequately prepared for the job and have not a clue about what safety actually is – who employed all these jerks.  They have no choice?  Of course they have a choice – if they are that worried about him reoffending then they should have the balls to break the law and keep him in jail until a law is appropriate for this kind of filth.  nah, too many softcocks on parole boards – how about putting this pig into a house next door to where they live?

  • nimby

    wonder how far wanganui is from where any of the parole board live?

  • Richard B.

    Dangerous stretch of road there.
    Would hate for him to suffer a nasty accident while tring to walk to Wanganui.

    I hope the GPS tracker lets off a light so no one misses him.


    Is he going to be spaid and neutered like the dog he is as well? 

  • BD

    We must accept that his recommended sentence has rehabilitated him. There are plenty of opportunities to for him to get out and about that way. Personally I would happily take him deer stalking, though he will have to carry the shovel and bag of quicklime.

    • 2ndAmendment

       We must accept that his recommended sentence has rehabilitated him

      Why?  The fucking parole board doesn’t.  Even RadioCommunism doesn’t – even the communists said he was “very likely to reoffend again in any circumstances”. 

  • Gravedodger

    I philosophically oppose Capital Punishment but BD has a solution I could live with.

    For reasons of safety and basic economics I have shot too many dogs I respected more than that mark 1 Piece of shit. For most of the dogs it was definitely best practice and very humane.

    Rehabilitation? no way never, Wilson is by his attitude and behavior as exhibited in his most recent attempt to mitigate the Parole boards decision totally beyond redemption.

    The Auckland Islands would be a suitable Location Location Location for him.

    • 2ndAmendment

      On your tax dollars. 

      Not on mine.

  • JimboBug

    Why not release him onto a completely isolated island and make it a condition that he isn’t allowed a boat? Supplies could be dropped in every now and again, weather permitting.

    • rightoverlabour

      Auckland islands or something further south. Supplies dropped in on days when the sun is shining, the temperature is above 25C and the wind is not blowing,,, Seriously though this  cesspit of genetic scum should never be allowed out of maximum security. If there is another victim, the people who released him should be forced to share a cell with him….

  • against the rules

    What did the Ram say to Stewart Wilson?

    After ewe…

  • Gravedodger

    Don’t blame those who were released him, its the fucking law, very fucked up law and totally inadequate in this instance.

    Wanganui is one of the very few places with no victims nearby. That is quite significant.

    I guess with all that offending over 25 years that may well become a redundant statement.

    The conditions seem rather more than most would have expected, I see a challenge with the computer access though, that human rights shite law will bite on our collective  arse.
    The fact he seems definitely “subhuman” wont be accepted.
    There is a little gold mine right there.

  • here and now

    put some bait out and lock him up again

    • GregM

       That’s what I’m thinking, get a 14 year old to knock on his door asking to use the phone,
      with snipers in a van across the street.

      • 2ndAmendment

        Who needs either a 14yo or a sniper?

        Walk in the front door with a shotgun.

        No jury in the land would convict.

  • nzd.gbp

    that chip he has implanted is the mark of the beast.

  • 2ndAmendment

     chipped with GPS like the dog he is 

    We don’t GPS-chop feral dogs.

    Hell, we don’t chip feral dogs at all.


    I will shoot the cunt – what’s his address ?

    • le sphincter

      Is Ti Toki prison too hard to find ?
      Make sure you have the gun pointed the right way round ?

  • Lapuamagnum

    Send Ewan McDonald round with a ball peen hammer, that should fix the problem.

    • Dave

      Ewan McDonald is a gutless Psychopath, no emotion, cold as a wet fish, but also relatively gutless, can’t face anyone face to face, uncomfortable and lacking confidence around others.   If told to go after the beast, he wouldn’t have the balls.    

      Would prefer to see McDonald bound and gagged and thrown to the Beast so he can have a few months of his sick pleasure out of McDonald.   Then lock the beast up after he has had way.

  • 2ndAmendment

    I will shoot the cunt – what’s his address ?  

    Now here’s the important question: who’s done more damage to NZ?   

    The Beast of Blenheim?

    Or, say, Hellen Kelly?

  • Dr Wang

    I see Wilson’s parole conditions did not state “no association with animals allowed” – did parole board pay no attention to his bestiality convictions?

    SPCA should be making a song and dance over this.

  • GPT

    I think it is the overwhelming respect for the rule of law that I respect the most in this thread.