Beware the Health Commissars

NZ Herald

The Health Commissars are on the march. Now they want to ban legal products from advertising their wares. I expect Cat Pause will protest this though because it discriminates against her beloved fatties:

Health officials worried about an obesity epidemic want fast-food advertising dropped from public property, including bus shelters, and are questioning fast-food and soft-drink sponsorship of public events.

They have also raised concerns over the lack of political power to stop fast-food restaurants being built near schools and in poor areas.

The moves by the Auckland Regional Public Health Service are a return to the healthy-eating principles which drove the national ban on pies in school tuck shops.

The ban was among the last moves of the outgoing Labour Government in 2008. It lasted eight months, then was overturned by the National Government.

And they mirror moves in New York, where mayor Michael Bloomberg has upset the fast-food industry by banning trans-fats and super-size soft drinks.


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  • SadSateofAffairs

    Whale this has clear links to your post today about the infant formula. Who the hell unlocked the door and allowed these do-gooders out? First they attack and undermine Fonterra’s global competitiveness in infant formula, now they say we can’t make up our minds about having a Coke and a cheese burger because I’ll get fat. 

    They can just fuck right off. 

    • Gazzaw

      Tony Ryall’s in charge of Health and it’s his fucken bureaucrats that have enabled this nonsence and the milk formula debacle. How many times have we heard Ryall spout on ad infinitum about moving the emphasis from the back office to frontline services? Well, the bureacrats are back with a vengeance Tony – sort it out!!

  • Get a grip

    Seems to me that another group of Nannies are sitting around listening to themselves.
    Maybe they should do some research before dribbling on.
    Try the evidence from after the tobacco industry advertising was banned.

    For this reason, most economic studies exploring the relationship between cigarette advertising and cigarette demand have produced mixed findings, with the majority of them concluding that advertising has, at most, a small positive impact on demand (Chaloupka et al, 2000, Townsend, 1993).Mayor Bloomerg should change his name to Don Quixote, his proposed ban which might come in next March is only for restaurants, cafes, movie theatres etc which need licences from the local health board (which he controls). The stupidity is you will be able to pop in to the convenience store next door if you want more than the 16oz(475 mills). of sugary drink. Except high sugar content fruit juices and dairy drinks will be exempted.  Its a case of him believing his own press  after being Mayor for 10 years.   The really dumb thing is that you could order two drinks of say 10 or 12 ounces and still be legal.

    Dumbasrse politicians.    The dumbarse food nanies need to rethink their stupid statements.

    • Neil

      And here was me thinking we got rid of the Nanny State when we voted National in – same horse different colour….

      Now that’s the problem the Western world faces – the politicians are there for their own power and there is no discernable difference in how they “rule” us. 

      The only reason we get change is because people get sick of the last lot…..

      • Vlad

        It is Yes Minister without the laughs.  We vote in the Government we want; the bureaucrats roll on, funding lobbyists who undermine the freedoms we thought we had won with our vote. 

        I have no problems with some tax help to NGO’s that provide real, on the ground help for people who need it. 

        But let the groups that provide nothing but manipulative research, media releases and lobbying fund their passions from their own pockets & those of their supporters. 

        Not my dollar. 

  • Get a grip

    PS. If sucrose is a major cause of obesity – tax the shit out of it.  Worked for tobacco.

  • Guest

    that would be dr cat paus-ay!!

  • Mr_Blobby

    “stop fast-food restaurants being built near schools and in poor areas.”How does that work most households live within walking distance to a school. What would you do legislate that fast food outlets could only be opened in wealthy suburbs. Not a good idea encouraging the criminal class, bennys and other assorted poor people to hang around the better neighborhoods.First off they have demonstrated that they can’t control themselves and would just become a problem, piss, shit, drop rubbish, graffiti, crime, generally become a public nuisance.

  • Bea

    What about all the fructose in fruit? Guaranteed to make you fat.
    Ban apples and oranges and stop importing the deadly banana.

    • Thereya go

      Apparently when its in natural fruit with all the fibre it aint all bad. When its extracted from corn into the syrup which is used in 80% plus of all additives its a bad wee buggar.

  • Gazzaw

    What next – Government licensing of all food sold in supermarkets? They stock food items that no self respecting fast food chain would serve in their restaurants.

  • tarkwin

    Could be worse – imagine if the Greens got in! Seriously though, I can understand it takes a while to flush these tossers out after Labour spent so many years setting them up but come on Tony and co. it’s your second term they should be wiped out by now.

  • Shoreboy57

    Great. Not enough money to go around in health budget, but this lot are in the trough. Tony, surely we could knock off a couple of extra hip replacements for some one needy rather than paying these turkeys

  • Top Bloke

    I guess the question is – If you are sick of seeing your tax $ go to the Heath system in ever increasing amounts to treat diabetics, the obese, the heart diseased etc how do reverse that trend?  I doubt that regulating advertising will work.  

  • Mediaan

    This approach has promise. Now if only we can get them to ban advertising of cars, cleaning products, beauty aids and household appliances …

    Could be I will go back to watching telly again.

  • Goldie

    Tony Ryall really needs to get in his officials tomorrow for a “please explain” and general bollocking session.