Brazilians Come good

No, not in getting rid of excess unmentionable body hair.

Apparently they have the same goal as Lyin? Len and want to make Brazil livable, but they are willing to do it through the private sector.

Under the terms of the new program, the government will award private companies concessions for construction, maintenance and operation of the projects through a competitive bidding process ? an approach that was widely hailed by the business sector here. Officials said calls for offers would go out in the coming months, with projects awarded the lowest bidder.

Clesio Andrade, head of the industry group the National Transport Confederation, praised Rousseff’s left-leaning administration for opening the investments up to the private sector.
“It’s important that after more than 20 years, the government has left behind ideology and opened the projects to participation by private enterprise,” Andrade said. “That gives a lot of strength to the projects and will help generate more jobs.”

And Brazil’s plans have already found favour with a Kiwi politician. It seems that Clare Curran is a big fan of what Brazil is up to and even exhorted the government to take note.

No doubt Steven Joyce is even now preparing a large list of projects to open up to PPPs knowing that at least some in Labour support it.