Brian Edwards on Shearer

Brian Edwards Blog

Brian Edwards is, I think, a bit miffed that Ian Fraser is tasked with trying to rehabilitate the invisible man. He doesn’t think anyone, much less Ian Fraser can help David Shearer.

So what of David Shearer? Ian’s media credentials are impeccable, but I think he will have his job cut out. The one thing the media trainer cannot do is change the fundamental personality of his client. It’s as if there were a performance gene that some people, regardless of their intelligence, education, socio economic standing, experience, moral character or any other integer, were born with, while others lack it entirely. Being born with the performance gene tells you nothing about whether a man or woman will make a great Prime Minister – consider David Lange – but in the modern race for the glittering political prize having it is a distinct advantage.

I’m not convinced that Shearer has the performance gene nor that it can be conjured from thin air by even the most adept media training. Shearer may well be our next Prime Minister and quite possibly a very good one, but the achievement will be the result of serendipitous events rather than that force of personality which we sometimes call charisma.


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  • le sphincter

    Deja vu all over again.  This is much like  what was said about Key before he became PM.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Compare Key’s confidence when he was leader of the opposition and how Sheep Shearer is now. Don’t try to dress him up.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    “Shearer may well be our next Prime Minister”

    Haha, not if the unions or the gaggle have anything to do with it. 

    • le sphincter

      You could be right , National went through 2 leaders to get to a winner with the third while they were in opposition.  Labour is only started with  ‘number 2’

      • Positan

        While your observances are always tedious, asshole – for sheer surrealism, this one takes the cake. 

        Surely you are not seriously suggesting that someone of leadership qualities – and the calibre to so act – is actually resident and available within the present political and dysfunctional abortion that is the Labour Party?

  • AnonWgtn

    Would rather not consider David Lange – the thought makes me puke.
    I had occasion to meet him a number of times and each time was worse.
    Am sure that his mouth got bigger every time he ate anything, and that was often.

    • gazzaw

      I was at Auckland Uni three years behind Lange. He was a fat loud-mouthed self important dork then and he never changed.

      • Pukakidon

         Yes he was the typical fat, smelly, greasy haired tosser.    A man well ahead of his time.   You now see many of his ilk in the current trend of unhealthy, overweight, greasy and obnoxious computer gamers. Except he didn’t have the computer game.

  • Fozzie

    When will political observers/media/PR nuts get it – it is not the messenger but the message that changes political fortune. NZ is not looking for ‘aspiration’ but vision –  a clear goal and path to a ‘better future’ not just for those that control the wealth, but for those that don’t. We are fast closing the door on yet another generation of kids who are being starved of basic needs  and the worst of all hope. Politics should be is about priorities and values – we can always have a good debate on these – not about the fluff that the PR consultants dribble.

    • marshallbryce

      If only that were so, Fozzie. But if it is as you claim, why do politicians spend so much time kissing babies (and cuddling cross-dressers)? Perhaps you credit the average voting punter with too much intelligence, too much foresight, and too much giving a flying proverbial…

    • Johnbronkhorst

      You’ll be voting National then!!!…As labours ONLY policy is to impose  a minimum wage of $15 on employers, which will raise unemployment. and to introduce a CGT wihich will suck much needed investment money, also mostly out of the job market.