Brian Edwards reprise on Labour leadership

Brian Edwards Blog

Nine months ago Brian Edwards told us he had changed his mind and was now backing David Cunliffe to lead Labour. Now he explains why he is still of that mind:

Well, that’s almost nine months ago, a reasonable gestation period one might have thought for the most diffident political butterfly to emerge from the chrysalis of anonymity. But it hasn’t happened. David Shearer has been branded ‘invisible’ by the commentators, while his opposite number, John Key, continues to bask in the warm sun of electoral approval.

I understand that the Labour Caucus is meeting today and that there may be mutterings about a recent speech in which Mr Shearer made an unfortunate reference to beneficiary ‘bludgers’ – not a term that normally sits comfortably on the lips of Labour leaders.

Meanwhile, Duncan Garner tells us that David Cunliffe is reviled by his caucus colleagues, who would not elect him leader if he were the last bee in the beehive. That, and convenient changes to the way the Labour Party can dump a non-performing leader,  would seem to ensure that Mr Shearer will lead his disciples into the next election.

So is it time for me to change my mind again? I don’t think so. You don’t change your mind when you’re sure you were right in the first place. And I’m pretty sure I was right in the first place. Have another read. See what you think.


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  • parorchestia

    Oh please, please let it be Shearer who leads La_a_bb_ber_er in the next election. He would be the best thing possible for National’s re-election prospects.

  • 2ndAmendment

    Who cares? it really doesn’t matter.

    Labour has no “re-election prospects” – or rather they will lose a few more seats from the few they already have.

  • Phar Lap

    Heard Kelly from the CTU on Plunket show spreading her poison.As far as she is concerned Shearer and all his loyal lieutenants are doing a stirling job.She wants to know whats the problem.Got the impression she might be just a few months away from getting on the Lie-bour gravy train, because that Party is doing a great “job” bandwagon.As she joins the troughers in Parliament.Seems she dosn’t have to solve the Lie-bour Party problem they have none. Duncan Garner is the problem,she says..Got the impression she is a self appointed Joan of Arc.

    • AnonWgtn

      Understand it is now fully expected that Annette King will retire soon and Helen Kelly will get Rongotai, to give her time to manouevre into leadership contention under the new (devised by her et al)Labour Party rules.
      Annette wants Wellington Mayoralty (over the Wade-Brown and Greens dead body).

  • Dr Wang

    Anyone, even Cunniliff, would be an improvement on Labour’s current waffling Leader. Shearer on TVNZ 6pm news last night: “I don’t believe I am not ‘not connecting’ to the public…” which means (when translated to normal English) “I don’t believe I am connecting to the public…” WTF?

    Shearer is a bumbling idiot, who can’t even deliver a simple sentence without totally garbling the message. After mocking Key in the past for a slip of the tongue, upgraded morning TV host Corrin Dann’s opinion was that it was a “much improved showing from Shearer” – duh!

    Labour’s problem is lack-lustre drongo MPs, who are spared any critical analysis from a biased sycophantic media. They are the party of no-hopers, with their heads in the sand. The Greens must be pissing themselves laughing as they watch the slow-motion trainwreck that is the NZ Labour Party, and as they gradually assume the mantle of leadership of the Left of NZ politics.

    • Phar Lap

      Agree .What would any viewer expect from the Lie-bour Party controlled channel TVNZ,Truth???? Mr Corrin comes from a long line of left of left socialists, who get employed for the very reason they are politically bent,and sometimes physically bent over as well.

    • johnbronkhorst

      cunliffe….shearer…same meat different gravy. They will still advocate the rediculous CGT. cunliffe is just a more ascorbic and dislikable version of the invisible incompitant shearer.