Bronze medal coverage chart of the day

It’s all good that we got a bronze in the horse competition, but . . .


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  • Mully

    But it’s our FIRST MEDAL IN LONDON!!

    And Mark Todd!!! 28 years since he won his first!!!

    Etc, etc

  • Pete George

    It’s lucky we managed a bronze with all the commentators curses talking up gold for Todd.

    • Pete George

      I should have said, it was an excellent result for the equestrian team, I stayed up and watched as far as the end of the teams rounds last night, good to see the result. But the overdone coverage does get a bit cringy.

  • Positan

    A sound and fair observation!  Nothing but medal hopes – congratulations Todd/Nicholson – will you be around for Rio, Mark – blah, blah, blah!

    Then – “we’re leaving Simon in London – and Andrew will be up next with Sport!!!”

    The overblown having overdone the incredibly overblown – TV One then got canned for the night.

    A pathetic and disgusting TV representation that made us all look even more self-seekingly pathetic than usual.

    • gazzaw

      TV One aren’t even covering live events and they’ve got more people on the ground than you can poke a stick at. You can bet your bottom dollar that they didn’t fly up at the back of the bus either & they will be paying top dollar for their hotel rooms. Being freeloading journos they won’t stick their hand in their pockets for anything either.
      I’ll bet Dallow has been hanging out for this trip for months. Why is he there? He isn’t even a sports jock. Just a great fucken junket that even the pollies would admire immensely.    

      • Mediaan

        Agree with the ineptitude. Agree with the inappropriateness of sending people over on plum postings. It is embarrassing and makes me feel humiliated as a NZer.

        Suspect some corrupt giveaways as well.

        Stay home, buy coverage, hire local people in London to provide extras. Hired contractors would be more balanced and probably better technically. And the same goes for all the other garbage “news” they travel to get. It is invariably down-market and junk material.

  • Phar Lap

    Yes the nation held their breath,people wouldn’t go to bed because TV coverage said Todd was on the brink of a gold medal.The Deaker programme joined in. Just around midnight the wait was over.Seemed to me like mersy dote,  and  mersy dote, and little lambsie tivey.The result ,thats a curly one.

  • It’s like coverage of anything – if you love the topic then you cant get enough, if it bores you to tears or is only mildly interesting then it would be OTT.

    I love it. Love Mark Todd – superb horseman so it wasnt about the medals for me, it was about seeing one of the few people in the world who can get a young inexperienced and tired horse to still perform. I wish the Olympics only covered running, rowing, road cycling & equestrian. The rest of it bores me to tears…especially seeing those post but prepubescent looking gymnastic girls.

    I also think NZ has far too many expectations when it comes to any world comps – except for rugby & yachting sport gets no real support, not really, not compared to other countries. We are just so small so the fact that we can come in the top 3 out of 204 countries performing is amazing

  • Grant Stantiall

    Frankly I would have loved an interview with the horse.

  • thor42

    I tell you what is going exactly as I predicted…. the lousy performance of our swimming team.
    The Stuff article said today “nobody was expecting medals, but (blah blah blah…)”.
    ***They shouldn’t have bloody gone if there was no expectation of medals!***  
    The criterion for being included was “you are in the top 16 in your sport”. That is *far* too easy – it means that we’ll always have no-hoper swimmers being included.
    Make it “top 5” and we’ll be getting somewhere.
    Swimming is a complete mess. Its funding should be cut to the bone.   

  • Cows4me

    I reacon our media need a good kicking. I week before the team left the news team was all ready hanging the medals over the fire place. Why the fuck don’t they just shut up? I’m sick of the bullshit that comes out of the media. Why say someone is a “very very” good hope of a medal, it’s not fair on the person and it’s wrong.

    • I agree – they do it with everything though. Sensationalism has replaced reporting!

  • Horace the Grump

    I am really struggling to give a shit.  Bronze…  meh.  Its second, second place.  I cannot fathom the fuss…

    • I can understand that….second is the first loser after all! But I have more of an issue with recreational shufflers being handed out medals for finishing a 10km in an hour or a 1/2 marathon in 2 hours (or God forbid even slower…6 minutes kms is not running…it is jogging!) than the equestrian team getting Bronze. When you only have seconds or dropped fence between you then the gold really is anyones for the taking (unless you’re not in the top 20 of the circuit!).

    • Silver is first loser and Bronze is second loser.

      • GregM

         100% agree, nobody remembers who came second, ever.

      • Fozzie

         As opposed to all the other losers that were awarded nothing … you are a funny man wa’il – cannot even enjoy another’s success…

      • No one remembers losers…..uhmmm what was your name again…farce…farty…oh…fozzie.

        It isn’t success coming second it is failure to win. Only the loser spin it as winning….a bit like the standard claiming they are a top 5 blog in Nz….no one cares, they only cre about number one…and that is me….again

      • Cadwallader

        John Davies: Second behind Peter Snell at Tokyo in 1964. Those were the days!

      • tspoon

        Dude your blog is the most popular blog – in New Zealand. Those athletes are all the best – in New Zealand, and highly placed- in the world. Unlike your blog. I think your comparison was somewhat of a fail. Perhaps another example of why most popular isn’t the same as best.

  • Phar Lap

     Maybe Two Golds tonight will change our minds,as well as the horsey men being quickly forgotten.

  • gazzaw

    I used to row and even then expectations were very high. My old coach used to say that coming second was like kissing your sister. I knew crews who threw their silver & bronze medals in the drink.

    • If coming second is kissing your sister then third would like kissing your nana and she slips her tongue in

  • Igi68

    Mark Todd will be gagging to go to Rio: cheap cocaine and cheap rent boys.

  • Gravedodger

    Yeah we wont celebrate being 3rd best eventing team at the London Olympics and 4th in the individuals.
    You are all soo sad.

    Just sit back with your 330ml stubbie and watch “hand Ball”, beach volly ball, archery or as Bumble described it “posh darts” and all the other dross.

    I guess you would all struggle to catch a bloody horse let alone ride the fucking thing to save your life.

    If Nicholson had not had to put up with substandard officiating in the dressage when he was subjected to a 10 minute delay due to incompetence in an unprecedented fuckup, he was a real prospect for the only place that matters to you muppets.

    No fucking idea

    • GregM

       Yes, Nicholson showed great restraint on the news, I would have been spitting tacks. The media should have picked up on that.

    • grumpy

      Nicholson is not known for showing restraint – and good on him.  The judging was dodgy, even when one of the Germans was given a fully desrved 4 by the Aussie judge, the others gave a 8.
      Stopping the gressage just as he was about to go in was unforgivable, that Judge should never get another appointment.

    • kehua

      Well said GD, let`s hope that Louisa Hill gets up for the Dressage tonight, in sporting terms this equates to racing Formula One . Just being there means you are very, very good.

  • Lindsay Addie

    The olympics is all rather a bloody big yawn to me. I’ve got better things to do that watch sport all the time.

  • El Jorge

    Whoooo, a medal for sitting down, whoop de fucking doo!

  • Gravedodger

    Now you can all go feral over the Womens double only getting another fucking bronze.

    Of course you wont know they came third because they made a concerted effort to pull in the Brits at around the 1400 meter markand then faded at the line to be overtaken by the Aussies who had settled for only a place but then you would all know Haigh and Scowan were losers wont you.

    Oh and they were just another pair who did it sitting down I nearly forgot.

    No wonder we are in the shit as a country with such negativity eh

  • Patrick

    Try living in Aus & enduring their coverage – the mens 4 x 100 swim team were known as weapons of destruction (or similar) & all they did was self destruct. Or the female shooter that posed almost starkers in any mag that she could, spent days kicking up a fuss because she couldn’t sleep in the mens dorm with her hubby…& then got tipped out of the comp early on.
    Oh & by the way you had to search far & wide for a mention of the NZ women beating the Ockers in hockey.

  • Whale I think you’re wrong on this one – people remember medal recipients from the Olympics (hence why Nicholson was livid about the dressage delay as 4th means you may as well have come last). It’s a huge deal, there is no competition like it – that’s why stupid non sports like table tennis & badminton get into it because everyone wants to be part of it.

    In a conventional kind of race sure, coming 2nd (first loser), but Olympics are different.

    I still remember Lorraine Moller getting the bronze for the marathon in 1992 – she is our only marathoner runner who has ever achieved a medal. It was and still is a huge deal, especially coupled with her all round legendness (groundbreaker re womens running etc).

    Rather than beating up the coverage of the medals, how about targeting the people who never had a chance but got to go anyway? This happens every time – they say top 16 required to qualify, but really for a small country like NZ to send people it should be top 5 or top 10 at worst.

  • Rockyr

    I’m Sick of the hype already, nothing else of the radio at breakfast time so it stays quiet.