Cactus on Shearer’s speech to the greedy oldies

Cactus Kate:

Cactus is on holiday, so in between betting with the pedicure lady on how fast she could drink a bucket of booze (the pedicure lady lost) and lounging by the pool she has managed to look through David Shearer’s speech to the greedy oldies:

I found a copy of Shearer’s speech after his brag link on twitter and gave it a little pool read today and the whole thing was non-original, same-same, nothing new, nothing invigorating and I am actually sure I have heard plenty of the speech before only under the guise of ACT when it started. Most telling was the opening, just how Roger Douglas or Richard Prebble used to start one, with a narrative about bludgers to grab the attention of the audience.

Wow, sounds like Cactus might be downloading a Labour membership form.

I found the speech non-controversial, non fearsome and nothing in there that makes me think they are any different to National really.

Little wonder Shearer’s supporters don’t want Cunliffe back from his overseas jaunt during recess.

If I am not offended by the content then the genuine political left must be having kittens over Shearer by now. Forget the abysmal polling.

Shearer is proving to be about as right-wing and waffly with it in his social policy as Roger Douglas. No wonder his team are going to white-ant the only contender more left wing than Arnold Nordmeyer and capable of large scale tax increases that the left demand.

Of all recent Labour leaders I bet Shearer doesn’t even hold a faded crinkled picture of Michael Joseph Savage on the wall hanging in a rusty nail frame in his home study for friends to admire.

No wonder the base is all a flutter at the attack on their hero David Cunliffe.

The last time a Labour Leader or Senior MP called a beneficiary a bludger or that they needed a “nudge” (read – elbow) they were sitting around a table getting bloated eating fish and chips.

You mean this time Cactus?


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  • le sphincter

    Well Shearer could do better by taking a member of the underclass under his wing…….. oops thats been done before during Keys ‘owairaka moment’ at McGehan Close
    Of course we know how that turned out- that was the last time he went near the ‘hood.

    dear Sweet cactus has such a quaint view of politics- and she ‘swallows it whole’.

    Then again to follow ACT so blindly they must believe in fairies

    • Cactus Kate

      The member of the underclass was up painting his roof after the minimum wager got home from work.
      I doubt the veracity of the story.
      Sickness beneficiaries would claim they couldn’t do it and get a WINZ grant for someone to come do it for them. It’s a bit like hard work to get up there and do it yourself even if you can.
      Trust Shearer to pick the least work shy sickness beneficiary he could muster.

      • Fozzie

         Shame on you Cactus – if you could just pause for a second before the ACT rant – you would see how silly that statement is. The sweeping assumption that ‘ all beneficiaries are lazy, undeserving” is nothing more than a myth. I truly hope that you are never confronted with a debilitating or life limiting illness. Having been down this path in recent years,  I have met with some of most warm, hard working, selfless bunch of people I have ever had the privilege to meet, struggling to care for themselves and their families on the pittance we provide. Walk a mile in their shoes before you use them for cheap political shots.

      • Cactus Kate

        Good one Fozzie. Shearer used a bloke to rat on his neighbour who was up painting a roof.
        I really don’t give a fuck as to how debilitated he was. I don’t believe Shearer’s story.
        P.S: no longer an ACT member they are too left wing since Banksy took over.

  • Seems to me

    Seems to me that fish and chips are good tucker!!
    3 out of 4 of them are still alive.
    The one that didn’t survive was the guy who wanted to stop for a cup of tea.

    Note to self. Dont stop for tea-it will kill you

    • Mully

      What do you think happened to he PG Tips monkeys??

      One day shifting pianos, next day dead