Call Laws’ bluff

Corrections have the ultimate hospital pass with the Beast of Blenheim, but they are making the best of it in Whanganui.

It doesn’t help that Michael Laws and some knuckle-draggers are stirring up nastiness and hatred behind the scenes – all with a view to ousting the mayor, and in reality nothing to do with getting the beast out.

So what Corrections should do is call Michael Laws’ bluff.

They should say:

“OK, you don’t want the┬ábeast and you hate Corrections. That’s fine. We’ll move him elsewhere.

“And by the way, we’ll also close Whanganui prison and move the three hundred jobs that go with it to another town.”

What a great victory that would be for Whanganui. Oh, wait…


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  • DaveG2012

    Great solution, but a bit unfair on Wanganui as the locals rely on the income from the Prison for their town. My solution as Whale suggested yesterday. Swap Lloyd McIntosh for the Beast, that means putting the Beast in Christchurch, and placing McIntosh in the new house in the Wanganui prison grounds. Keeps Laws etc happy, keeps the prison industry in Wanganui, and keeps all the inmates Whanau and family close to them, after all Social Welfare cant afford to move half of Wanganui……..

  • fozzie

    What’s the problem with this Government – they could pass a retroactive law and have this guy locked up for the rest of his naturals – if it was a matter of a movie and hobbits it would have happened months ago !! Come on Judith show us how tough you are !

  • Stephanie

    The closure of the prison regardless of the loss of three hundred jobs would still be a plus as all those who move to Wanganui to be near family in prison might also move on or would not come to Wanganui if the prison was not there. All in all it would lift the quality of life in Wanganui and certainly reduce the crime rate.

  • parorchestia

    The government is quick enough to pass retrospective (shouldn’t that be retroactive?) laws when it suites them. I sympathize with the people of Wanganui who I do not class as rednecks. And Michael Laws is not partisan.