Cognitive Dissonance

The Standard

If you are going to try and do some framing, then at least make sure you aren’t suffering from cognitive dissonance.

Labour and Shearer had an utterly crap week and gifted John Key the perfect political birthday present.

Saying otherwise just make people point and laugh.


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  • The Standard are a bunch of eggs – I bet there is little ambiguity on how most of your readers feel about them & their supporters (Kiwi Steve says well done on a comprehensive analysis???)! As for “cognitive dissonance” – thanks for the new term. I have never heard of it before – love it!

    • onelaw4all

      Cognitive dissonance is what almost entirely fuels most of the U.S MSM as Obama seeks reelection.

  • kaykaybee

    Lol. Anthony’s weak attempt at “owning the political language” in that post was surpassed by the even less substantive and mindless commentary that followed. Watching the take-me-seriously regulars endorse the the insane jabbering of one bad12 is wonderful.

    Keep it up thestandard.